Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nature’s art~What do you see?

Howdee all,

There's a tree in our campground with some nature art on it.

Chassahowitzka  River_003When I first saw it I immediately saw a face turned to the side with sunglasses and an open mouth..and a funny hairstyle.

Chassahowitzka  River_002I posted it on facebook and look at all the other cool stuff people found.

Some of the things I still cant see…

This is how it went on facebook

Dawn Simmons Fine
Do you see the face?
— at Chassahowitzka River.

    Aniruddha Deshmukh, Barb Padgett, Joan Flor and 8 others like this.

        Riki Fenhoff ~Yes, clearly!
        Amália M D Endo~ yes!
        Lori DiLoreto ~Yes, and a hand reaching out to it too
        Cynthia Amoruso ~I am not kidding-I see a baby chicken wearing a mohawk. On the left, halfway down more or less.
        Helen Kerr ·~ Friends with Cynthia Amoruso
        So do I Cynthia!
        Mike McDowell~ I see a turtle wearing a cap coming out of an egg.
        Dawn Simmons Fine Ha- still looking for the chicken :) and the hand- the face I see has a Mohawk type hair style
        Dawn Simmons Fine~ Hee hee-Mike- I am going to search for that now! ;)
        Cynthia Amoruso~ Dawn, maybe your face and my baby chick are the same. Perhaps I watched too many Tweety Bird and Foghorn Leghorn cartoons in my formative years.
        Andrew Baksh Cynthia - might be easier for Dawn if you hinted that the chicken appears to be wearing sunglasses :)
        Carol Temperley Martin ~What about the hand reaching out the shake
        Lisa Salt ~The hand on the right, looks like its giving the 'thumbs up'!
        Carol Temperley Martin ~Yup
        Dawn Simmons Fine ~Hey- the face that I see has sunglasses- its face sideways with one big ear and has an open mouth
        Andrew Baksh ~‎Dawn Simmons Fine I do think you have found your chicken :)
       Lisa Salt ~Yes, John Lennon sunglasses!
        Dawn Simmons Fine ~That's No chicken! That's a face :)
        Dawn Simmons Fine~ I can't for the life of me see the chicken... And I cant see the turtle with the hat coming out of the egg either. :(
        Dawn Simmons Fine~ And - Andrew- what the heck did you do to your hair?
        Carol Temperley Martin~ I see a turtle and also if you look sideways there is an angel
        Carol Temperley Martin ~Are we all liken this?
        Linda Rockwell I think the face looks like Ronald Reagan.
        Cynthia Amoruso I think Dawn has given us a secret Rorshach test composed of lichens. I'm lichen it!
        Dawn Simmons Fine Hee hee secret test- you all passed- determining if you should be allowed out in public now.
        Dawn Simmons Fine Linda- It does look like Reagan
        Dan Furbish Ray Orbison whistling :)
        Annette Sanchez Baesel who ever it is...I think it looks like he has a pink glove.
        Carol Temperley Martin This has Ben fun
        Josee Moore Looks like a cross between Elvis and John Prine;)
        Kathleen Cameron Yes I see it!
        Adele Dixon yeh i see the face...and the thumbs up
        Dawn Simmons Fine I still cant see the chicken or the turtle.. help!
        Kenneth Burgener I THINK RICHARD NIXON......
        Daniel Adams I see the face with a soldier cap and he's eating an ice cream cone. I see the turtle. I see a heart. I see a flying bird. A profile of a girl with a blindfold on, and most obvious is a danciing senorita in a pink dress doing a flamenco. If you turn it upside down it says "I am the walrus"...... just kidding about the last one.
        Dawn Simmons Fine Daniel~ Ha ha ha..ok the face with the cap and icecream.. see it~ I still cant find the turtle.. I see the heart...cant see the flying bird...I just found the girl with the blindfold..she has a ponytail..hee hee. Dancing senorita...yes..i think thats the big pink lichen. Oh..and i turned it upside down and it said Koo Koo ca choo...
        Daniel Adams bwahahah!!!
        Ginni Price yes!


Chassahowitzka  River_001

What do you see?


  1. Funny! It looks like a cross between Colonel Sanders and a squirrel wearing sunglasses.

  2. Funny, I see the face with the sunglasses and I also see the thumbs up hand. Great post and cool tree. Great find, Dawn!

  3. How Fun! I can see the face with the sunglasses - and the hand - and the heart! Love this!

  4. I agree with the baby chicken...running away from Col. Sanders!

  5. Hi Dawn - This is cool! Honestly, I looked at the titles "What do you see?" and looked at the photos before reading any further. Sure enough we caught the same guy with shades on. Ha ha! He is definitely there, no doubt about it. Dawn, thanks for sharing. Hope all is well with you and yours. John

  6. I can see the face and I could see it as a chicken also. I see the turtle and the flying bird. Dawn, I think you can see the flying bird better in the picture that is not the close up of the tree and lichen.

  7. Let's see...I see a pink-headed schnauzer with an orange-jelly body, an angel, a dove, a pink-headed turtle with a cookie in its mouth, the mohawk chick with the sunglasses on ( that Cee Lo Green?) I see a cotton-candy elephant blowing bubbles with its trunk, and the head of puff the magic dragon just puffing away!

    What a magnificent trunk this is!

  8. Ha ha!
    You all are too funny! I love reading what everyone else saw in this tree art..Just wish I could see all those things too!

    I am on the look out for another art tree!


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