Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RV done yet?

Howdee all,

Here we sit.. Our camp for the past week while Homey is having repairs.
We leave Homey every morning at 7:45 and return at 5.
Thank goodness Merritt Island NWR is nearby.
And Dixie Crossroads
We should be able to leave here tomorrow.. If so, we head back to the west coast. Tampa/ St. Pete area.
If you have suggestions or birding spots or restaurants let me know.
See you later!



  1. Happy that the Homey is almost finished, but showing a photo of the rock shrimp is just cruel!

  2. You must put Fort Desoto on your list Dawn, great for both wading and woodland birds. Also, Boyd Hill Nature Park, usually see Bald Eagles there.....and Honeymoon Island, Caledesi Island, Weedon Island.....and the list goes on. All wonderful places, very hard to choose between them. Whichever you visit, I'm sure you will enjoy them! Only 3 weeks, and we will be enjoying them too!

  3. If you find extra time on your hands, you could journey to Terra Ciea.... that's where my Mom grew up. It was an island when she was a girl and my grands had a vegetable truck farm. Before she was in HS, a 'cane blew so much salt water over the island that they could no longer farm it, and had to move to the mainland. She ended up graduating from Hills-burrah (as she pronounced it) HS just before WWII.

  4. Well, Lisa pretty much got all the bird spots covered in her comments. But you'll need to come to my house and we'll walk to Coffee Pot Bayou and look for manatees, and red-eared sliders, and diving pelicans etc.

    Places to eat? DM me your email (i can't remember if I have it) and I'll send you a list.

    Do you know where you are going to parking homey?

  5. Very beautiful pictures Dawn. Mr. Northern Pintail is soooooo handsome!

  6. Opps, my last comment was suppose to be for your previous blog. What repairs did homey need and where did you get Homey fixed at?

  7. I agree with Lisa ~ those are some of the most beautiful areas in Pinellas County...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. we almost crossed paths as we leave Bradenton, Florida tomorrow and head to Bushnell, FL...


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