Friday, February 24, 2012

Merritt Island NWR~Pink and White birds

Howdee all,

If we have to be stuck somewhere while having our Homey repaired.

This is one great place to be..

This particular day we took Gator road to Peacock road

Gator and Peacock rds_010This was the day of pink and white birds

Gator and Peacock rds_007White Pelican

Gator and Peacock rds_008

Gator and Pea  (12)

What have we here?

Gator and Peacock rds_012Spoonbill, Great Egret

Gator and Peacock rds_013A Roseate spoonbills remains..feathers and a few bones..

Gator and Pea  (6)We drive on and see yet another grouping of birds..

Gator and Pea  (13)Spoonbills, Snowys, Ibis Gator and Pea  (15)Roseate spoons with Ibis

Gator and Pea  (19)

Gator and Pea  (24)Preening time..

Gator and Pea  (26)We drive on and see more white and pink in the distance.

Gator and Pea  (28)A Roseate Spoonbill flies over

Gator and Pea  (34)

And my baby camera takes a few shots..

Gator and Pea  (35)Roseate with Cape Canaveral in the distance.

Gator and Pea  (36)We pass yet another grouping of pink and white birds..

Oh..a few black ones too.

Gator and Pea  (41)Great Egret, Snowy Egret, white Ibis, Roseate Spoonbill

Gator and Pea  (37)All fishing together..

Gator and Pea  (42)We drive on and see another pink and white grouping of birds

Gator and Pea  (44)Roseates and Ibis

Gator and Pea  (48)A bit further down the road..

Gator and Pea  (52)More Roseate..

Gator and Pea  (55)

Gator and Pea  (58)

Gator and Pea  (63)Further down the road..

Gator and Pea  (67)I didn’t see any pink or white feathers in its toothy mouth..

Gator and Pea  (69)More white birds..

Wood Stork..

Gator and Pea  (70)And a White Ibis hanging out in the top of a tree

Gator and Pea  (72)Sweet!

Gator and Pea  (75)

A Great Day of pink and whites!

Jeff and I are leaving today to head back to the west coast of Florida. We will stay in Ruskin at a county park, unless we find something closer to St. Pete and Tampa area.


  1. Beautiful pictures ~ Hillsborough State Park is pretty nice... I don't think there is an opening in our park, Rainbow Village in Largo, but you could give a call... Also Fort Desoto County Park may have something... That is really a beautiful park just make sure the site will fit you.
    Have fun

  2. Marvelous shots. I love how you've incorporated the landscape with the birds, without losing their clear identities too.

    Did you all get hungry while waiting for the RV to get back on the road, and eat that one Ibis (just kidding)? As you said, it looks like a great place to take a break.

  3. Wonderful photos in this post Lovely Dawn. Your BIF shots are really lovely! Makes me long to return to MINWR!

  4. Such bright, cherry shots! So nice to see. Thanks.

    Dani @ ONNO Organic Clothing

  5. Wonderful birds and awesome photos, Dawn! I love all the spoonbills and the last ibis is awesome. Have a great weekend and Happy Birding!

  6. Wow, that pink is Really Pink.

    Glad your repairs are done.

  7. Those are great photos--what a wonderful place to stop. Glad that alligator didn't get too close.

  8. Loved the pick and white colors reflected in the water. I have never seen a Roseate Spoonbill before in the wild yet. Will keep looking!

  9. Wow, I would be beside myself with glee if I saw all those Roseate Spoonbills. Gorgeous photographs of beautiful birds, Dawn! Love the White Pelicans. Enjoy your trip to the west coast of Florida!

  10. Really nice photos. What an incredible spot. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Those are some great Florida birds! Nice photos.

  12. Beauties! And none of those gray and white birds...or snow.

  13. Very pretty in pink..Great post..!

  14. squawmama
    We ended up staying at the Elks parking lot in Pinellas Park. Nothing but a parking lot..but we are out touring most days.

    Laurence Butler
    Thanks Laurence. We eat no Ibis..only Roseate Spoonbills! :)

    Linda Rockwell
    Its a great place to bird!


    Thanks Eileen!

    Yes! They are PINK!
    The Homey we thought was finished..ugh..the starter is not working right..going back to service in a few weeks.

    Appalachian Lady
    Thanks~ The Alligators were nice and stayed far away..thank Gooodness!!!

    Diane..come back to Florida! I will show you a few pink birdies!!

    Julie G.
    Get down here Julie! You would take some awesome photos of the pink birds..I know!!

    Thanks kindly Gene!

    Jeremy Medina
    Thanks kindly!!

    hee hee..none of those gray and white birds EVER...ha I will leave them up to you!

    Thanks Dear Gem!

  15. Just found your blog. We are birders too! Chris & I are heading for Merritt Island area in another week. Any tips on where to go and what to see for some photography would be appreciated.

    Lots of bird photography over at our blog:


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