Monday, February 06, 2012

FMCA Rally rewind~and fast forward…

Howdee all,

Here's a rewind of last weeks Motorhome rally

Jeff and I arrived at the RV rally a few days early..

We did some birding…

IMG_2718The Motorhomes started to arrive…

All told~there must have been around 1,200 Motorhomes..not including show coaches.

IMG_2729There were vendors…

It was great to see many familiar faces…

We bought a few items~I bought special cloths to clean my mirrors with and a clip on pocket that will hold my phone and a few other items when I don’t want to carry a pocketbook. Check it out here..


There were evening shows…

This was a tribute to Chicago..

IMG_2717We attended classes..on Satellite, RV repair,

IMG_2691And…don’t ask Jeff what this one was about..

Hee hee..see him sleeping in the left hand corner of this photo.

Bobbly head..

Touring Coast _001

We took a drive to the coast with Steve and Anita…IMG_2692

Saw Sandhill Crane in someone's front yard.


Wood stork in a nearby park…

Touring Coast _005

We also took time to tour the new Motorhomes…

Classmates, whom I haven't seen since high school joined Jeff and I for a day and we showed them a few RVs..

RV show Brooksville_014

I Loved this entertainment center..

RV rally_003RV rally_004Another RV entertainment system I liked…

Also Love the L shaped sofa..

RV show Brooksville_004King sized bed..

RV show Brooksville_003Check out this other Motorhome..

Great for families or grandkids…

RV show Brooksville_006RV show Brooksville_005Below is one of the more expensive RVs at the show…

Granite countertops and table..and high end everything..

RV show Brooksville_013Beautiful Bedroom and hardwood headboard..

RV show Brooksville_012This RV had a bath and a half..

This was the full bath..

RV show Brooksville_010Tile and glass shower..

RV show Brooksville_009

There was also a parade at the rally…

Hollywood was the theme..

RV rally_035Average age at the Rally was about 75..

They are looking great! RV rally_005Still like to party!

RV rally_008Anita and I out catching candy and beads being thrown..

RV rally_011No competition with kids for this candy..

hee hee..

RV rally_029The Birds…RV rally_022A Singles group..

RV rally_026He might stay single for a while..ha..

RV rally_028Old cars…

RV rally_033And Motorcycles..

RV rally_042Do you remember Drive-ins?

There are still a few left..not many..

RV rally_036

We had a great time with friends…meeting new ones and renewing friendships from long ago.

RV show Brooksville_020

Its time for another adventure….

RV show Brooksville_016

Stay tuned..


  1. Looks like so much fun!!! Who knew??

  2. A great gathering of fellow RVers. Some of those Motorhomes are just Over the top. More things to go wrong and a lot of weight.

  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  4. What a fun post! Looks like a good time was had by all. Some of those motor homes are amazing!

  5. It looks like you had a great time! Oooh, I would love one of those motor homes, they look so luxurious.

    Love that photo of the Wood Stork on the previous post!

  6. Looks like a great time, and some of the RV's are a total WOW! Looks like such fun!

  7. Looks like fun, and those homes are amazing. My wife and I look forward to "retiring" in an rv :)

  8. My sister and her husband go to some of these rallies, too. They just love them, especially looking at all the RV's offered for sale. I, personally think those Sandhill cranes are a bigger draw.

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