Saturday, February 25, 2012

St Petersburg, The Pier

Howdee all,

Today Jeff and I toured parts of St. Petersburg. We started our morning with a nice walk at Weedon Island Preserve. If we have enough time we might rent a few canoes and explore the preserve via the waterway.

We spent the afternoon in St. Petersburg.
I wasn't carrying my camera so I took these photos with my iPod.

This first photo is Florida Rose taken in front of the Chihuly Collection store.

We then walked around the area ending up at The Pier. That upside down pyramid building in the distance is at the end of the pier.

I didn't take many photos today..
I couldn't pass up this photo opt here.

Pier Pelicans

The next two photos taken with my HDR app for iPod.

Jeff and his new buddy.

Much more to explore-


  1. Good thing those pelicans didn't have any change in their pockets.

  2. Love all the pelicans. Enjoy St. Petersburg!

  3. Dawn,
    Another great place to see and photograph birds in St. Petersburg is the Sunshine Highway (think thats the name) fishing pier. Lots of Pelicans, Gulls, Herons and Egrets.

  4. Gaeyln
    yeah good thing they didnt and it just didnt see right feeding them the food either. They need to learn to fish!

    Thanks..having a great time!

    Thanks for the tip!


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