Friday, May 29, 2009

Birding in Central Park,Hiking Cold Springs NYC

Howdee all,

We have been in NYC For almost a week now. Having a Great time!

Sunday we met up with two birders from Twitter and Chirptracker. Matt Bango founder of Chirptracker and John Beetham from A DC birding blog.

If you like twitter…check out Chirptracker it is a Twitter for birders. Matt and his brother are working on this project in their free time and could use all the support we give them! Please sign up and try Chirptracker! The more birders we have using it the better!

It was so nice to meet both of them in person and to spend the morning birding Central park! I should have taken photos..but I didn't..bummer…oh well.

Birding Central park during migration can be an amazing experience! Last spring we were in the park and warblers were eye height all over the Ramble! Birders were everywhere! This year we were late for peak migration..but we did see some good birdies. But, I only took a few shots of some Cardinals.

This little gal was very cooperative..I call her a city bird. There were quite a few city birds….they didn't seem to bothered by people, and allowed you to get quite close.cENTRAl park_20090524_008Here's another cooperative Gal…does she look like a fledgling?cENTRAl park_20090524_005It was Memorial Day Monday, Samarrah wanted to get out of the city and go for a hike.

We drove to Cold Springs NY about and hour north of the city and hiked Clarence Fahnestock State Park. We hiked a six mile loop hike. We noticed part way thru that we were hiking four different trails..Red, white, blue and Yellow. How appropriate for this day...the Yellow stood for our memorial ribbon. I thank those who have given their lives and wish a safe return to those who are serving our Country now.

It was nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and walk in the woods. HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_004Roots over RocksHIKE WITH SAM_20090524_011 Samarrah found this Rock face with Sunglasses…I bet one of my Sickstas would love it in their garden!

HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_017Rock Cairn Sculptures near the path..when you see something like you want to knock it down….or build more?HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_021Samarrah becoming a rock sculpture….HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_019Jeff getting in on the action.HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_020Rock Cairn sculpturesHIKE WITH SAM_20090524_022Isn't it beautiful here in the woods?…peaceful..HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_027We passed several lakesHIKE WITH SAM_20090524_028Some very cool shelf mushrooms of some sort…Any body know what kind?HIKE WITH SAM_20090524_036 Ok sickstas …

I know how much you love to see the food I am eating…especially here in NYC..where the restaurants are sooooo amazing… these dishes are from a Mexican restaurant..the middle dinner is mine…three delicious fish tacos..YummmySunset at the RV park and MarinaHIKE WITH SAM_20090524_047 Our daughter graduated Hunter School of Social work Yesterday! We are so proud of her!

Congratulations Samarrah!



  1. Dawn, you are one gal that absolutely makes the best of everywhere you travel to. Those cardinal shots are so perfect! The sunset shot is outstanding!
    I bet you always enjoy a good meal wherever you park. What a variety you have to display.
    Congrats to Samarrah!!
    Have fun, Dawn.

  2. Mom Fine says

    What a great variety of photos--all done by my professional daughter-in-law. Keep those pictures coming!

  3. What a great day to hike with your daughter. Congrats to her!

    Love the young fledgling cardinal girl.

    I have mixed feelings about rock carns. Some of those look a little excessive.

  4. It was very nice to meet you!

    I think both of those cardinals area adults. The resident birds in Central Park are very tame due to hand-feeding.

  5. That's a beautiful park! Love the lady Cardinal photos. Congrats to Samarrah!

  6. Congrats to Sam! Looks like you had some more hiking fun!

  7. Love the shots of the forest interior. Looks like a lovely place to wander.


  8. Nice looking area.-Congratulations to your daughter and her parents.

    Roots over rocks sounds like a the name of a mixed cocktail served at a bar frequented by naturalists.

  9. I didn't see nearly enough of Central Park. The meal looks very, very delicious!!

  10. Wow, these are all great shots!! Love those rocks the way they are stacked. Congrats to your daughter...

  11. Loved the walk. What a nice forest. I love those rock sculptures and would love one myself but do not have the patience. What a whirlwind you are having in NYC. You need to go back to the Caravan of Dreams. YUMMMMMMY. Have you seen Prince Harry perchance since you seem to the in the right place at the right time. Love the picture of Sam. How beautiful she looks in blue and gold.

  12. How cool to meet up w/ fellow Twitters! Love the shots and a bid congrats to your daughter. Such an accomplishment for an extremely important career field.

  13. First off.. Congratulations to our lovely niece Samarrah.. Central park and the birdies look beautiful. Love your hike and the cool rocks.. Especially the one with the glasses.. Love the sculpture too. Wish I was there.. The food looks yumalicious.. Did you try a bite of each dish? If so, which one was the tastiest?

  14. Congratulations to Samarrah! :c)

    Love seeing the beautiful way you find and showcase nature around you Dawn.

  15. Celebration time--a graduation! That's terrific!

    I LOVE Central Park and NYC. You've shown it from a completely different point of view.

    Thanks for taking us along.

  16. A hike in the forest and then Mexican food too? It must have been heaven. Those are two of my very favorite things. Great pictures of both.

  17. Hard to believe that place is just an hour outside of New York City! is it anywhere near the Appalachian Trail (which Lisa and I are hiking, section by section)??

    Congrats on your daughter's graduation! Our own Adam graduates high school next Friday. Yikes!

    Where are you off to next?

  18. That female cardinal was a gorgeous girl!! Great shots you captured of her! I'm so glad when you take us along your hikes - and then feed us afterwards! I'll take one of those fish tacos!

  19. Aunt "B's" Backyard
    Thanks! You know even amongst the grime and the craziness of NYC..I can find some nice pockets of nature!

    Chris Petrak
    Thanks Chris...are you coming to our get together @ Plum Island?

    Mom Fine,

    I hear you about the Rock Cairns...Sometimes I just want to spread them around the forest...but I suppose that is up to the Park. What is the position of most parks on this?

    aka...Mr brain..tee hee..that is my nickname for you! It was a pleasure to meet you as well and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
    How can you tell both are adults..I need some help there..the second photo i thought the top crown was so light it color..but then i dont know what a flegling cardinal looks like.

    Thanks.! Hope to see you soon.

    Thanks Sicksta!

    It was a great place to wander...
    Are you going to our blogger outing in MA?

    Tee hee..I love roots over rocks as a drink name!

    I love the green space that Central park provides! Need to spend more time there.

    Thanks so much.

    We havent seen Harry or Adam yet..darn..I still want to get sicksta that autograph.
    What do you mean by the caravan of dreams?????

    Thanks for the congrats.
    Hope to see you at our Blogger/twitter/chirptracker get together in Ma.

    Thanks Sicksta...the tastiest was mine..the fish tacos..yummy..

    Thanks Jayne! You are a nature lover to aspire to.

    I love the city the first few days..then it begins to wear me out..I need the touches of green to bring me back to center..

    hee time you must come along for the hike and mexican food!

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    We actually hiked a section of the appalachian trail that day.
    It is a beautiful area just an hour north of the city and on the hudson.
    Wait have a high school aged son?????? You look like young newlyweds! did you get married at 10?

    Thanks for the complement on the photo..I aspire to take photos like yours!
    I am glad you enjoyed the hike...the food was yummy wasnt it?

  20. Pretty birds and sights. Looks and sounds like you're having a wonderful time.
    Congratulations Samarrah!

  21. Beautiful pictures Dawn- congrats to your daughter! Looks like a fun time- especially the hike. I'm very jealous- I don't get out there nearly as much as I used to.

    So cool that you got to meet Matt Bango and John from Denroica! It must have been great to bird together.

  22. lead an amazing life following the birds...following the wind...whatever takes you. It's very inspirational. Lovely cardinal photos (always love to see Lady Red). Congrats to your daughter!!

  23. Dawn, What a great post..such a nice time you had in NYC and that you got to hike thru CP!! That is one of my goals for this summer!
    Congrats to your daughter!!

    I sent you an e-mail the other day I hope I used the correct address, the one listed in your profile...I was replying to your question about posting and e-mails.

    Enjoy the week!

  24. Dawn - NOCA Fledglings are difficult to sex. This is because they usually Have a black bill that gradually changes to orange. However, this bird has a red-orange bill, a black face, and a whiteish belly that transitions from from that buffy-ish brown to white suggests that this is a female cardinal (not a fledgling). It could be a SY (second year) female. But I'm not too familiar with the extent of that plumage. They can be pretty variable as it is.

    Sibley draws the fledgling rather well and it doesn't really look like this bird -

    Hope that helps!


  25. Congratulations to your daughter, Samarrah! How awesome!

    Looks like you are enjoying NY alright. Good food, birding, hiking, it's got it all. Won't you just hate to leave?


  26. RuthieJ
    Thanks Ruthie...we are now onto our next destination!

    Thanks..yes it was very cool to meet both of them and do some birding in the park! great place...missed peak migration by about a week..but still good.

    Thanks Kelly,..onto the next destination!

    you must hike thru the park when you visit your daughter...dont forget fall and spring migrations..great times for a visit.

    Thanks..that did help! Good luck with your NH birdies! Hopefully we can meet in NH on the 13th if we go take a look at the kites.

    A New England Life
    We had a great time..but this girl is a country girl and the city eats me up after a while..
    Lexington we come!

    Thanks again you all for your kind comments..
    please..if you are in the area join us for our get together..

  27. It looks like you had a wonderful time in NYC! The park you went hiking in is beautiful - so many lovely trees and fascinating sights!
    Congratulations to your daughter on her graduation. I can imagine how proud you must be.

  28. I'm with April and Forestal,

    Lovely park that is!

    I love the rock formations - works as contemplative art.

    Congrats to your daughter, you must be proud.

  29. Hi,Dawn
    The pictures taken by you are best as always,especially the first bird.It is soooo... cute.What is it's name?

  30. omy goodness i am so embarrassed..more comments I have not responded to!

    Thanks so much April! We are very proud of her! Yes is nice finding green areas around the city.

    Laura K.
    Thanks so much Laura,
    Yeah its a great park..and so close to the city!

    USA Pictures
    Thanks are too funny..
    the bird is a Cardinal


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