Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wonderful Day @ Green Cay and at Yamato Scrub a Least Grebe

Purple Gallinule photo by Dick May
Howdee all,

Green Cay....Green Cay.....One of my new Favorite places to bird.
Jeff and I and our birdie friends, Dick and Judy had a very nice Birdie morning. We went to Green Cay for the Birds and Breakfast with Eva Matthews as our guide.
Such a beautiful place...great close ups of birdies...We had 41 birdies on the walk.

watch the three minute video below to see some birdies and the beauty of Green Cay

beautiful morning...
come follow me on the boardwalk

birder shadows
Eva with the Burgundy shirt and tan cap..
Special thanks to you.. Eva for allowing us to join the breakfast group.
Check out Evas blog.... The Flying Mullet

me and my shadow waves
Blue winged teal (Dick May)
Sora (Dick May)
Eva told us of a Least Grebe at Yamato Scrub
So we did the fifteen minute drive and found our target Birdie..
a lifer for Jeff and me. Yipee

Least Grebe digascoped by Jeff with my little point and shoot and our awesome Kowa scope

Thanks Dick for your great photos!

Check out the post by Warren and Lisa Strobel of the Birdcouple blog
They are too kind about my bloggy..


  1. What a really great place for birding. Your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Great photos Dawn. I especially like the blue winged teal in the duck weed or algae. The cloud reflections are magnificent.

  3. I love the cloud reflections in the water

  4. wonderful post. I LOVE the birder shadows. I love shadows.

  5. I stopped in awe while viewing the first photo ... its beautiful!

  6. My favorite is the 1st photo. The wing looks like it is almost transparent.

    I have started a 2nd blog. It is the one I will be posting at daily. Hope you will follow it and continue to follow my 1st blog, will be posting there less often.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun
    Photography By Leedra

  7. That blue winged teal looked so beautiful contrasted against the green in the water! I love these walks w/ you - just beautiful scenery! Plus it's warm outside! lol~!

  8. That first bird is amazingly brillant.
    Your reflections and shadows are full of fun and beauty. How cool to get a lifer.
    Nice tour, I feel like I was there.

  9. That made me laugh when you pointed with your finger.

    Great views! I would like to be there!

  10. I love all the cloud shadows in the water and all the other shadows in your pictures. Lovely birds too. I didn't watch the video yet..

  11. A nice set of pictures/video. I am envious of the birds and people wintering in the warmth of Florida.

  12. What a beautiful place! All those birds to photograph! Fantastic! I like the shadows and the clouds, too.

  13. Howdee Dawn!
    Hey your birding w/ the Mays again heh? Dick is becoming a pro. . . very nice boid fotos. Looks like you're having a great time in FL and the weather looks luv'ly. Give my very best regards to Dick and Judi.
    I miss you guys!!

  14. Hey Dawn,

    Really nice photo's. Looks like yall are having a great time. I also realized I didn't have a link for you in my observations blog so I added it today!


  15. The pictures and videos are great, and I am your best follower ever.

  16. Thanks all for the nice comments!

    Andy..the famous finger...yeah my finger makes it into allot of video...the great pointer of all pointers.tee hee... know who you are...yes you have always been my greatest follower...the sweet mother that you are!

  17. Dear Dawn,
    Nice video...and photographs. I enjoyed seeing the wood stork. Very cool bird.

  18. Dawn, I loved the video and the write up about our walk. Thanks for all the shout outs my way. You guys are too good.

    I was going to mention to you that today I found a Magnolia Warbler in that first Cypress Hammock that we went into (the one with the Blue-headed Vireo). This could be that other warbler that you saw (and I never got a look at) the morning of our walk. The feeding flock seemed to be housing the same birds as the ones we had the other day. I hope this solves the mystery bird.


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