Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time flies.......Visiting friends after four years

Howdee all,

One great thing about our lifestyle is that we meet so many wonderful people from all over the United States, Canada and elsewhere.
We may spend days or weeks with our new friends and then may not see them for a year or two or more.
We met our friends Pete and Pat when we first started motor homing seven years ago. We did some traveling together..hiking, golfing, socializing and just sharing time.

Pete and Pat retired from motor homing a few years back and bought a fixed foundation in a nice community in Arkansas where Pete can golf to his hearts content..and Pat can dance.
We have yet to visit them in Arkansas, but hopefully our wheels will get there.

Pete and Pat read my Bloggy and when they found out we were in Florida, where they are spending a few months this winter, they sent us an email.

As luck would have it we were traveling from Titusville to the Pan handle ...and Crystal River was right on our path.
We met them at their winter rental ..which is a very cool cluster of attached homes on stilts with marsh and river surrounding them...Dawn did not bring her camera that night and has no pictures of the stilt homes!
We had a nice night at the potluck that all the winter residents had.

Yesterday we went out for lunch with Pet and Pat and their friends...on couple from Ocala and another traveling from Michigan to a vacation spot. I did take a few pictures here..
OK not so good ones...but I am posting them any hoo....

Here's to friends....our paths may not cross every day, every month, every year...but when they cross it is like we saw each other yesterday!

Pete and Pat...monkey island out of the window

a table of friends to go....

Great blue heron seen out the porthole window

Haddock sandwich...


  1. It's always great to meet good friends after a long time.
    At least to me, it feels like if the time stopped when we said bye and starts again after the new hello :)

  2. I think your RV life sounds so fun! I'd like to find out more about it - such as how you chose your home, places that are RV friendly, etc. I was talking to the hubby and I was thinking I would love to do that 3-4 months out of the year. Spend spring thru Christmas at our log cabin in northern mich. and than Jan - March traveling. This is of course probably 6-10 years away but its nice to dream.

  3. Time does go by fast doesn't it? Your food looks yummy.. I'm glad you had a nice time visiting with your friends..


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