Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bird Festival EXHAUSTED!

Howdee all,

I am up at five and have been at birdie festival till almost nine...I guess I dont have the stamina I used to.
I want to blog but this is it...I saw birds...I saw bloggers...I saw birdie book writers..
and lots of birders!
Great lectures...great speakers..
Tired me..
Here I am this shadow with the birders...I was full of energy...but was 32 this am.....i know northeners will say I have no clue what cold is...tee hee...

I want to read all my fav. birdie blogs...I am looking at my blogroll and saying to myself..I have no energy and need to sleep so i can get up at 5am for another birdie walk.
So I will catch up when I can.
I miss your bloggys already!
bye for now...


  1. Catch up when you can .. You have all the time in the world.. Now go out there and see ya some birds.. Nighty night!

  2. It looks like your Shadow is standing tall amongst the birding crowd. What great light you guys are having. It has a beautiful glow to it.

  3. I'm so envious -I would love to go to a birdy festival! Look forward to your updates and photos!

  4. Sweet dreams and have fun tomorrow. We want to see birds.

  5. Hi Dawn, I'll be wearing a green Indiana sweatshirt today. I am short and plump.

  6. You poor thing, retirement is so hard! LOL


  7. Take lots of photos--I look forward to seeing them later after you get some rest.

  8. Hey Dawn, you still too tired to put up a blog for tonight? Sure was nice getting to meet you today. Looking forward to some more lengthy chats. See you tomorrow.


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