Thursday, January 22, 2009

Space coast Birdie festival Day 2

Howdee all,

Didn't i say it was going to be cold today?
Well it was...for Florida's standards it was purdy darn cold. Below 30...
Ice forming cold.

We left for our walk at Little Big Econ State Forest at 6am.
The air was cold...the ground was frosty.

Look at the chunk of cold fog in the distance...

there it is...

the morning fog approaching the bundled birders

grass crystals

the fog reaches us
and now we are engulfed

Oh Goodie...the sun is peeking thru!

Jeweled leaves

I really didn't digicope much...I find I don't do this on guided walks... I really am too busy listening to our birdie guides and don't want to spend time with digiscoping...
We did spend some time looking at this Jeff and I took a few photos.

A warm late morning....St. Johns River

notice we took off our down jackets.

We watched a male, female and Juvenile Bald Eagle.

Some Lovely Florida berry...I have no clue what it is...

After the morning bird walk...Jeff and I took a Sparrow ID class.
I realize I need to study sparrows again. Yep ...back to the books.
I do prefer that outdoor classroom.

There are so many wonderful, knowledgeable birders here!

I was so excited to meet fellow birdie blogger Lee (from Lees Birdwatching Adventures) and her husband. If you haven't read her should check it out.

I also have enjoyed meeting and talking with John Riutta from Born again Birdwatcher. He is so knowledgeable about all things Birdie related and more!

Tomorrow another morning bird walk and more birdie classes.
Should be warmer...
Goodie gumdrops!


  1. Great shots! Especially the Pileated. I pity the poor midwesterners who thought they would see some warm weather. Of course, 30 to them must beem balmy. I love the festival posts.

  2. Have a wonderful bird adventure.

  3. Love the pileated and bald eagle pictures. Have fun!

  4. THAT's Florida? Looks cold! Might as well come north to Maryland and see us!!! Beautiful pictures of the sky...

    Good Birding!
    Warren & Lisa

  5. It looks like your having a great time. It's worth those early mornings and being exhausted at night. Love the bird. It must be some type of Woodpecker.

  6. I bet if you made it a contest....someone...would figure out what that cool berry bush was.


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