Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Birding and Exercise do not mix!

Lovely Limpkins...
Howdee all,

Just loving it here in the warm....don't mean to rub it in to you all in the cold..wish you could all be here! I know some of you love that cold...that is cool..i mean cold..tee hee.

I love some cold...some snow ..love sitting cozied up to a warm fire and looking at the beautiful white stuff....love throwing a snowball or two...and a white Christmas isn't so bad either....and then thats enough..never thought I would say this...being a New Englander...but here I am saying it.
So, I am enjoying the warm and wishing all of you... who had enough cold...could be here enjoying it with me...

Anyway.......... did i say Birds...yes there are birds birds and more birds.
But.... I needed some exercise after all the Holiday pigging out. Jeff and I decided to go for a hour fast walk yesterday ..and being our first day we thought what the heck lets bring the binos.
Do not go for an exercise walk with binos. We thought we would just stop for the birds we haven't seen before...well you know how that goes...we were stopping allot. I mean how can you not... with all those Birdies around ...and we haven't seen them for a year!
And we needed to see what they were eating...and how lovely the colors are and how strange their bills are ...and....well you get the picture...
Not much exercise but some nice birding.

Today I went for a walk ...sans binos...I did my fast "walk by birding" and enjoyed both exercise and watching the Birdies...and ok ...I stopped just a few times...
Had to look at that Monk parakeet nest again...oh and stopped to take a picture of a group of White Ibis..
and well...the Great tailed grackle was showing off to his mate and I needed a video of that.
Don't go exercising with a CAMERA
.(oh by the way my camera is working again) I should still get a better one for better quality photos.
I did get a fairly decent hour walk in...better than the bino walk....
So here are a few pics and video clips from Yesterday and Today

Eurasian collared dove(not the best picture...but notice the black back of neck)

some interesting lizard...any body know what kind??

and this is a video of a Limpkin and Moorhen...

Thanks to all of you for all the camera info..I will check out the ones you all suggested and might invest in one when I get frustrated enough with the quality of my photos.
I will be taking a digiscoping class at the Space Coast Birding festival...so who knows maybe that will help with my settings etc.

Ok I am off for a bike ride...with Binos and Camera


  1. Nice pictures. Zoe is in my lap and cocked her head when she heard the birds in the video. I envy you getting out there in the warm weather. Wish we were there. Enjoy that exercise and bird watching..

  2. That all sounds like fun. It was dark and rainy here today so did not even venture outdoors except to get two plastic bins that I will take tomorrow to work so that I can bring home some horse doodoo. If I bring home two bins a day I may have all the gardens covered by spring.

  3. Help, its gray and raining here. No light to take photos. So its good to see fun and colourful photos like yours. Enjoy the sun.

  4. Cool Limpkin shot and video. Where did you get these?

    Limpkins have just about disappeared from my little part of Florida (but there have been rumored sightings of one as of late). Thanks for reminding me of another New Year's goal: to finally see one of them!

  5. Enjoyed the video! I go to this one lake a lot to photograph ducks. Never thought to do a video (slapping my forehead)...duh...

  6. Nice birding. Who needs exercise anyway. Glad your camera's working again. I envy your warm weather, although it's only a bit nippy here and not freezing like further north.

  7. Whoa! Nice moorhen and limpkin video! And I wish we had more of those hens up here in Ohio right now, but I'm afraid it's too cold :-)

    Great videography!


  8. Oh my goodness, the Limpkin is so wonderful...Thank you for the video. I enjoyed watching the Moor Hen and the Limpkin.
    I do go walking with a camera. I figure I am getting some exercise...
    Thanks for sharing the birds and the warm. I will bundle up and go feed my birds. LOL

  9. Lovely photographs. I could feel the warmth.

    You are absolutely correct. If you are speed walking, you have to temporarily forget about the birds.

  10. I am envious of your location. Birding does slow down the rate you walk, but it is so enjoyable and relaxing it has to be beneficial to your health anyway.

  11. Oh, I wish I could see the lizard. I love them. But that pic didn't show up for me.

    thanks for all your comments, Dawn. the last one made me ashamed. I'm not always good at leaving comments. i do come to visit you. Enjoy your blog very much. I'll try to do better.

  12. Dawn - I am envious of your weather! You got some nice birding in w/ nice photos! Sounds like a great life to me!

  13. Oh how I wish I were there RIGHT NOW instead of in NH where it's freezing cold with ice, snow, and rain : (

    Enjoy your birding and exercise. Keep us warm with the lovely pictures you take!


  14. We've gotten so little exercise this past year, but we've seen many more birds than in years past. Are the two connected? Hmmm, I'm gonna go with "Indubitably!"

    Lovely limpkins!

    (And marvelous moorhen too.)


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