Monday, January 05, 2009

In the Warm down Souther..and .Help with Camera!

Howdee all,
Yes here we are.
We finally escaped the cold. We had a grand time with the Family but it was time for the Homey and us to move to the warm.
We arrived Yesterday afternoon to near 80 degree temps to our favorite RV park in West Palm Beach area. John Prince park and campground,in Lake Worth.
Lots of Birdies here...Just driving to our site we saw sooooooo many beautiful birds.
We are parked on the water and this morning had an Ibis on the waters edge in our Yard....and just now I see a Limpkin out my window..tee hee

I got out and took a few early sunrise shots. I had to use Jeff's camera....mine seems to be dead....The screen is just a bright white light...I did try an take a few pics and they did come out...but it is hard to take pics when you cant see what you are taking them of.
It does have a viewfinder but it is hard see out of that little hole.

So unless I can figure out what is wrong...I am in the market for a new camera.

I know that my blogger buddies take Amazing photos....So what do you suggest?
I do like carrying a small camera that I can take with me always. I have the casio xlim now.
I also would love to get some of the photos I see my fellow bloggers taking..with such close up detail. I would love to have a good zoom so I can get all those distant birdie shots.
I love to take video to show my family in more detail...where we are and what we are doing.
But I would like it in a format so I can use windows movie maker
I prefer not to use the quick time format...but it seems that most cameras come this way these days..
remember I prefer small...
I would love these amazing cameras most carry around with all the lenses...but I don't think I would lug it around.
so with that all said...
What camera do you like and why...maybe you can change my point of view.


  1. I have the Canon Rebel XTI - it would meet most of your criteria except it isn't small! I'm sure someone will be able to recommend something good for you!

  2. From what I have heard that most small cameras dont have great zoom lenses. Joe and I were checking into a camera the other day because I want one compatible with windows movie maker. Nice pictures and your lucky to be where it's warm.

  3. Love your new warm view. The second image is a spectacular reflection.
    I would also like a camera as you describe without spending a fortune. I have HP 4Mg, the zoom looses a lot in quality, and it has no eye view finder which I'd like. But it's small and the price was right four years ago.
    Good luck!
    Jeff's camera seems to work well.

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Welcome back to Florida. We are having some amazing weather. Suppose to get cool later this week but still nothing like up north. I hope yall enjoy your stay and be on the look out for the wood storks. Also Salty has some great shots of cranes he got while down here a couple of weeks ago. Whooping and sandhill.


  5. I really do like the bottom photo a lot. There is a wonderful presence to it. It's balanced in that it seems to encompass both the yin and the yang, bringing them together in a haromonious composition.

  6. I like my super zoom Canon(12X) but also have a Canon Elph which is small and has a 4X zoom. It takes terrific pictures though. Both my Canon cameras videos work well with Windows movie maker. You have some very lovely pictures.

  7. Lovely sunrise pictures and gorgeous reflection! How wonderful to be able to chase the warm weather. I mostly use my super zoom (12X) Canon camera. Also don't like lugging a whole lot of equipment around!

  8. Hey Dawn,
    Great shots of the sunrise. Sounds like your seeing some amazing birds down there.
    I use a Canon XTi also. I like it a lot. Doesn't shoot video but I have a second camera I use for that. It's probably not as small as what your looking for but once you get used to it I'm sure you would like it. So many choices...

  9. I have an older version of the Canon Digital Rebel. I love it and would echo the comments above.

    If you want a really small camera, Fuji has a nice point and shoot with a 12X zoom that I almost bought as a backup camera.

  10. Hi Dawn,
    Given that you don't want our bulky cameras to lug, I know about a camera that has the longest zoom on the market that you might want to consider. If you google panasonic 18x zoom, you will find it. 18x will get you 400mm which is what I carry. It's not the credit card type, but it's a compromise. Good luck!

  11. I'll be back later to see some of those local bird photos so hope your camera works soon. Enjoy the warmth of your Florida location.

  12. Hola Dawn,

    My camera is sooo simple, I also dream of a new fantastic one ;)

    I use a Sony Cybershot 7.1, pretty much zoomless if you compare to other blogger's super dooper cams! lol

    I hope you find what you need, and what you are comfortable carrying around with you!



  13. I do carry a heavy camera about. I think of it as good exercise. I love my Nikons and the lens. For Christmas I received a Nikon D300. I am in love. It does everything.
    Looking forward to hearing what you decide on and seeing the amazing birds you see as you travel about.
    Happy '09, Year of the Ox!

  14. Thank you Thank you thank you...
    all of you..
    for all the great Camera information.
    Stay tuned for more birdie photos


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