Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shelling and Cutting scrap metal with Vic

Howdee all,
Two days ago was our Shelling on the beach day....which is always allot of fun for me!
I love walking the beach and finding little treasures. Though the day was fun and I did get some nice was no where near productive as a few years ago.
which yielded this bounty...

I brought home bags and bags of shells and made shell mirrors with some of them.

it was an unusually good year...sand was being piped in from the ocean to add to the declining shoreline. In that amazing amount of shells. I had a blast digging thru the sand for some great finds..

I did find a few spots this year with some little treasures.....

I like the little cone shaped shellsMy homey cant house all the things that I
I save these shells for friends and family that want them.

Jeff helped out Uncle Vic ...he cut some of the scrap that Vic sells to make
extra cash.

I think he really enjoyed himself.


  1. So many beautiful shells - I bet your mirrors are wonderful!!

  2. We were so lucky to share in your shell bounty last year. The mirrors are beautiful! Tell Uncle Vic and Aunt Norma "hi" for us!!!

  3. Oh, more shells! Lets see one of each color would make me happy. I saw you in your tank top, and I am wearing two sweaters. Boo Hoo!

  4. I love my shell mirror. It is on the wall in my living room. Like your collection. You were always good at finding cool little treasures. We are getting more snow tomorrow.. :(

  5. Cool shells. You should make more mirrors cause they are gorgeous.

  6. I love shelling. In Sanibel we did the Sanibel stoop twice a day. We brought home many shells. It was so fun.
    Shell art is great.
    Looks as if you are having a great time...too cold at my house.

  7. No matter how many shells we have we just keep picking them up. A person just can't pass the good ones by. It is like they reach and grab me.

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  8. The world is definitely filled with shiny gems. Each piece, a unique home, with a unique front yard to experience life from.

  9. Such wonderful gifts from the sea. I like the mirror idea. Sometimes I wire wrap a beach find. I still have some small shells gathered along the caribean.

  10. Sometimes, I think back on the shells of my youth on the gulf coast and wonder if they were as pretty and colorful as I remember. (The shells up here are mostly pretty drab.) Thank you for the confirmation! I suppose I'm lucky I don't live down there. I'd probably keep boxes upon boxes of them hoping One Day to do something creative with them. I've been lugging boxes of beautiful rocks around the past several years, and One Day still hasn't shown up.

  11. A trove of beautiful shells! and you are so creative!


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