Sunday, January 18, 2009

Goodbye to Green Cay

Howdee all.
I love this of my favorite herons..don't you just love that face!
The Green Heron(digascoped)

So...I do love Green Cay...we have only been 3 times...and the last two times very briefly....but we always see lots of Birdies and the scenery is always lovely.

Here is a little more of Green Cay nature center......
We sqoze in a few more morning walks in between friends and family visits.
We added another lifer...Yellow-throated warbler. I didn't get a photo....warblers are difficult to capture with my slow point and shoot.

This is the entrance to Green Cay.

Boat tailed Grackles in dead tree...I love the reflections here...
lots of duck weed

beautiful islands.. water for reflectionsclouds in water with duckweed and reeds

more duck least i think that is what this weed is...anybody know otherwise?

Jeff and I played around with the digascope contraption he made for 12 dollars.

and Birdies in the weed...isn't it sweet...
Pied-billed Grebe

Green Heron in weed

Tri-colored heron in weed ..I cant get enough of the green weed...

Purple Gallinule above the weed...
they are silly little tightrope walking birdies with huge feet and beautiful purple coloring.

A common site in Green Cay...two or three and even four or more species of birdies in one shot.
here we have a little blue heron and a tri-colored

Anhinga drying its wings

A sweet little Sora...On the birdie walk with Eva..we saw four.

a tricolor stuck around and showed off its beauty..

a rather blurry pic of what we think is a mallard/mottled cross...
I will have to ask Eva about this.

and a goodbye to Green Cay with a Green Heron photo.

We met birders and nature photographers at Green Cay.
You must check out this guys photos...
OMG the angel heron photo is Amazing!
u must click on his name wont be disappointed!
Bill Kominsky

And Again thanks Eva for mentioning me and my bloggy on your bloggy!
You are one lucky gal to work at Green Cay!
Continue to enlighten!

Our wheels are on the pavement headed north for a new adventure..
Spacecoast Birding and wildlife Festival here we come!


  1. Such fantastic photos. I felt as if I were there!

  2. Love the herons and the green water. Cool pics

  3. I do love that face! and the grackles and reflections as well.
    That last series of birds is just wonderful. Beautiful pictures!

  4. Hola Dawn,
    The pictures are SOOO beautiful!!
    You are lucky to see such beauty!!

  5. Bill Kominsky is fantastic. Wow. But Dawn, your Green Heron Photos are wonderful! The first one is my fave.

    Happy Travels!


  6. Great photos Dawn!! I especially like the first one of the green heron.

  7. Great pictures! I would love to see all those birds in one spot. I seldom hear much about Florida other than beaches, malls and Disneyland which is the reason most Canadians go there.

  8. Those heron photos were incredible!! Loved all the shots you captured.

  9. Great photos! Everything looks so green and warm and beautiful.

  10. It's a beautiful place with so many wonderful birds. Right now we are almost birdless, most of them have flown south for the winter. Our resident ravens keep us company, though. - Margy

  11. Great photos! Loved the expression of the Heron.. Enjoyed your blog.. Will definitely be back! :)

  12. Great Digascoping! I love the green heron photo too. From here, it looks like duckweed. I look forward to seeing where your next adventure takes you.

  13. Your pictures are beautiful. They look like they are from a magazine. Such pretty birds. I'm glad your having a great time birding..

  14. Your photos are wonderful. Sure are a lot of birds at Green Cay--where is that in Florida?

  15. But for the pied-billed grebe, those would all be lifers for me. Great photos! That mallard/mottled cross looks almost like it has a green-winged teal head. Very pretty.

  16. Dear Dawn,
    Your Green Heron photgraphs just leapt off the screen! OMG....I just have to get south...
    Safe travels. Love the digi-scope...he did great.
    Looking forward to your next stop.

  17. Green Cay and Wakodahatchee - two of my favorites places. We were there last Feb, and I didn't want to leave. Saw my first Sora and a Snail Kite actually eating a snail!

  18. I swear I responded to this last week...blogger must have eaten my response!!

    Yeah, you nailed it on the head for the duck ID. Those feral mallards like to hang out on Boynton Beach Blvd but they've been making appearances all fall/winter at Green Cay. Not every day but enough to throw people for a loop.

  19. Beautiful photos as always Dawn. It looks like you had great time in Green Cay. That first shot of the Green Heron (one of my favorite birds too) is awesome!


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