Tuesday, January 20, 2009

O MY I left the Homey without my camera!!!!!! Ross's Goose in Florida??????

Howdee all

Yes the cardinal sin! How could I do such a thing.. We were going birding after all.
Jeff brought the scope and the little digasscoping attachment he made.
But I failed to bring my little point and shoot that is literally attached to my hip every day!

Thank goodness Jeff remembered his camera...and though it didn't fit the attachment..he was able to get a few photos of what we and another large group of birders say is a
Ross's Goose
you can convince us otherwise.

This birdie from what I have read is not common in this area. We saw it with two snow geese, who were much bigger that little Ross...but that photo did not come out!
What do you think?

Jeff and I drove the 9 mile Black Point Wildlife Drive at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refugee
This was not the only good birdie we saw...but it was a Life bird for us and a rare bird ..I think for this area.
Lots of ducks I have no pictures of...lots of egrets and herons I have no pictures of...
My favorite reddish egret was doing its dancing fool walk....and I have no video of that!

I am madder than a Hatter...as my mother would say.
So I wont go into detail of all the birdies we saw and I didn't photograph because I will just cry..but the good thing is we are here for over a week.
I don't think I will leave home without it again!

The Spacecoast birding and wildlife festival starts Wednesday and we start at 5:45 for an early morning birdie walk...Yikes ...a deep freeze is coming this way and It might be a chilly 52...Ok I wont complain!

So Jeffy did manage to digascope with his point and shoot these lovely Roseate spoonbills.
I think they look like gangly guys with pink tights and tutus! Check out their outrageous bill......What do you think they look like?

Today I will be glued to the Television!!!!!
What a historic event!
I am so proud that we as a country voted for a man who is not white!
What high hopes I have for a man who I think is wonderful and enlightened and peaceful!
I know he has allot to overcome..but I have High hopes...high in the sky apple pie hopes!
Go Obama!
What are you doing on this Historic Day?


  1. Oh my goodness how could you do such a thing? Anyway it's a good thing Jeffie had his camera or your goose would have really been cooked. Remember there are lots more birds out there just waiting for you to take their picture so they can get famous.. :)

  2. Well today I watched history with my sisters and that is not an easy task since we are all hundreds of miles from each other. Jack and I went outside to take some snow pictures and I made chicken breast in white wine for dinner so the house smells of luciousness.

  3. I watched history unfold, on TV. It was quite an experience!

    sorry you forgot your camera.
    Any time I leave mine at home I do regret it, even though there are many times I have it with me and don't use it.

  4. At least your hubby was able to get good shots of that goose! Don't beat yourself up too much on forgetting your camera (I forgot to put the battery back in my camera one day last week, and of course a Pileated Woodpecker came to the deck for a brief moment and I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why my camera wouldn't snap!)
    This is a great day in history - I've been listening to the radio and watching t.v. - I pray that President Obama can move us forward in the right direction.

  5. My Dawn forgetting her camera! I can hardly believe that. Yes, a great history making day. Wonderful!

  6. Neat pics! Roseate Spoonbills are so much fun to watch.

    And like you, I'm proud that we've chosen a smart, thoughtful person for president. I had to teach a class midday, but we cut away for about 10 minutes to watch the swearing-in ceremonies,

    But Obama's got a tough road ahead; so let's wish him the best of luck!

  7. Hi!
    I am working on that day. Uhuk2...

    Lucky you still got other camera.
    See you around.

  8. Ok. first you ask what i was doing. But what do i really think? I think you blog is GREAT. I love it.
    And what did i do today; I first listened to your amazing President(it was still morning here.)
    And then I played in a puddle. I am still a kid, but sooo serious. I love your light-heartedness!

  9. I had to work today, but listened to it on the radio.

    You took great photos despite using your backup camera.

  10. Dawn,
    Send some spoonbills to the west coast as part of an exchange program. What birds would you like me to send to Florida?

  11. I hate it when I see something special and don't have my camera. I hope to see the photos from your next visit. Love the spoonbills!

    BTW, it's much warmer in Tucson at nearly 75 degrees at noon.

  12. Dear Dawn,
    I so understand leaving with out the camera...I try always to have it but sometimes I get side tracked...
    History...and hope!
    I was wondering how did you put the Etsy link on your side bar?
    I would like to have one too.
    Happy birding...I am heading to Texas next week. You have inspired me to travel a bit!

  13. It was a pleasure to meet you today. I hope you enjoy the Space Coast Festival.


ok what do you really think?????