Friday, February 01, 2013

Tufted Duck Delight~

Howdee all,

On our way back south from our trip to Connecticut and MA we decided to again search for the Tufted Duck. I read it was seen two days prior,and was hoping this time we would get lucky.

If you saw my last post you will remember I did a bit of swearing about the freezing weather and the duck that did not show.

If we didn’t see the duck this time around we would at least have a nice dinner at The Narrows Restaurant.

We left Connecticut later than planned and when we arrived at the Narrows we had just a bit over and hour to search for

The female Tufted Duck

Tufted duck hunt_001We did not bring our scope this trip.

It certainly would have come in handy as we scanned the rafts of duck.

Tufted duck hunt_002

It was overcast and a bit blustery, but not nearly as freezing as our last stop a week earlier.

Tufted duck hunt_007We drove to another area so we could view a few rafts of duck that swam upstream..

Tufted duck hunt_012We searched under the bridge…

No Tufted Duck

Tufted duck hunt_008We searched the north side of the bridge…

No Tufted Duck

Tufted duck hunt_014We searched upstream on the western side..

No Tufted Duck..

Tufted duck hunt_010We scanned thru rafts of Scuap

No Tufted Duck..

Tufted duck hunt_019We drove to the other side of the river to scan a few more rafts of ducks..

No Tufted Duck

Tufted duck hunt_022Mallards hanging out near the restaurant

No Tufted Duck..

Tufted duck hunt_028It was getting late and we were losing light…

We gave it a good try but..

No Tufted Duck..

It was time to eat, relax and warm up…

Tufted duck hunt_030This was our view we had during dinner.

No Tufted Duck here either..

Tufted duck hunt_034We all had wonderful Lump meat Crab Cakes..


IMG_3736And just for a bit of sweet revenge..

I had Tufted Duck Delight in Puff Pastry..


It was yummy!

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