Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sometimes..Sunsets have wings..

Howdee all,

I took the below photos a few days ago at the causeway that leads into the park.

We thought it would be nice to end our day here..

The sun was starting to set…

lighting up the scenery..

The causeway_004It was low tide…

The causeway_006At low tide the birds come into the causeway..

The causeway_008

Dinner time…

The causeway_016

 The causeway_036

We watched the sky change over the pond at the south side of the causeway.

The causeway_007We watched the birds fly south over the pond to their evening roosts..

By groups..

The causeway_013

And singly

The causeway_024

The day comes to a quiet close..

The causeway_022

We watch a few last minute meals..

The causeway_028

The sun sets..

Turning the clouds pink..

IMG_3779 and…

Then we watched the sunset fly…

Sometimes.. The causeway_040

  Sunsets have wings..




Just two more days here at Huntington Beach State Park before we head further south.

It is a rainy day today and we will spend most of the day indoors catching up with paperwork and cleaning.

Internet time has been limited for us while traveling because we are relying on our Mifi device…we have to watch our Gigabyte usage and not go over the allotted amount.

Hopefully our next campground will have Wifi Smile

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