Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Causeway Birds and North Beach

Howdee all,


A few days ago Jeff and I had a late start to our daily walk so we decided to try a different loop …


Instead of doing the 5 mile walk to the jetty and back we thought since it was low tide we would see what birds were hanging out at the causeway…we would walk to the jetty from there and loop back to the campground catching the setting sun.

The causeway is a short half mile walk from the campground.

Huntington Beach State Park..

A nice mix of Snowy Egret and White Ibis

Causeway and North Beach_017Black-bellied Plover

Causeway and North Beach_007White Ibis and Snowy Egret

Causeway and North Beach_022

The shells in the photos are oysters..

Immature White Ibis

Causeway and North Beach_023Great Egret

Causeway and North Beach_024We left the causeway and walked the nature center, we walked the pier into the marsh area, seeing more shorebirds, Egrets, and Pelican.

Walking off the boardwalk I spotted the outline of a Volkswagen Beetle sticking out of the grass..

I was wondering why they didn’t remove it..

Causeway and North Beach_035OH..

ha ha..that’s why!

Sure fooled me!

Causeway and North Beach_034

We left the Nature Center and walked to the north parking lot and onto the beach for the 1.5 mile walk North Beach to the jetty.

I stopped to pull a Valentines balloon out of the surf…

Causeway and North Beach_040Beach art brought in by the surf..

Causeway and North Beach_043Jeff shadow dancing..

Causeway and North Beach_050The beach is ever changing..

this day we come across many starfish.

Causeway and North Beach_055Jeff and I did a quick walk to the east end of the Jetty to peer at the Razorbill again..

We then walked to the west end of the jetty onto the inland beach.. to look for shorebirds..

Causeway and North Beach_060Semipalmated Plover and Dunlin.

Causeway and North Beach_071

Short-billed Dowitcher and Dunlin..

Causeway and North Beach_074We lingered here watching shorebirds until it was time to walk the 2 miles back to the campground..

Causeway and North Beach_076We timed it right..

It was not a colorful sunset..but it was lovely..

Causeway and North Beach_078looking behind us I notice the sun streaming thru a hole in the clouds…

Causeway and North Beach_079We stop and talk to another couple walking north toward where we came from..

Causeway and North Beach_081And watch them move further away..

Causeway and North Beach_084The view south..

Causeway and North Beach_082We turn and face north again for some shadow fun..

Causeway and North Beach_087Walking south toward the campground..I notice some rainbow colors coming from the clouds..Causeway and North Beach_096I took a few photos to try and capture the subtle colors..

Causeway and North Beach_099

Does anyone know what causes this, or what it is called?

Causeway and North Beach_100We leave the beach talking the pathway back to the campground..

Causeway and North Beach_105

A deer greats us..

Causeway and North Beach_103And in the dark of the woods…

I find the final photo of the day..


Causeway and North Beach_106

Huntington Beach State Park

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