Friday, February 15, 2013

The Winter Garden of Beasts and Flowers

Howdee all,

Its winter here in the Sandhills of North Carolina.

Preston disappears _171

The flowers don’t know that …

Winter Honeysuckle

Preston disappears _165

I refuse to tell them....

Preston disappears _167We have had some freezing mornings here the last couple of weeks..

Winter Jasmine

Preston disappears _169 If the sun shines it warms up nicely…..

Okame Cherry

Preston disappears _174I could stick my nose in this flower all day…It smells divine! 


Preston disappears _181Camilla's bloom all winter here.

Preston disappears _188This lovely little flower popped up recently..

Birds and buds_079


Birds and buds_091

Its not just flowers in this winter garden..

Beasts come out of the wilds to bask in the winter sun..

Birds and buds_071Some dig for rodents..

Birds and buds_022

Others run around like the crazy beast it is…

Birds and buds_024There is always something happening here in the

Winter Garden of Beasts and Flowers..

Birds and buds_026

Jeff and I left the Winter Garden of Beasts and Flowers this morning..

We are heading south..First stop Murrells Inlet.

We will be in the Sandhills again sometime in April..

We look forward to see what lurks in

The Spring Garden of Beasts and Flowers..

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