Thursday, February 28, 2013

♥ Goodbye~Huntington Beach SP ♥

Howdee all,

It had to end…it was time to move on..

Our last evening and morning at

♥ Huntington Beach State Park, SC ♥


From our campground..I heard the roar of the ocean..much louder than any day of the 12 days we were at Huntington Beach.

Huntington Beach SP last photos_001The waves were larger, more white caps..

Huntington Beach SP last photos_002It was windy..and cold on the beach..

Huntington Beach SP last photos_006We decided to head back to the campground and walk to the causeway to catch the sunset.

On our way we noticed rainbow colors shining thru the clouds..

Huntington Beach SP last photos_007

My friend Barb Padgett posted a photo on my facebook wall a few days earlier of

Circumzenithal arcs..

In a previous post I saw similar colors in a cloud

I didn’t think that the Circumzenithal arc..looked like what I saw..

When my sister posted this link to

Fire Rainbows..a few of the photos looked more like what I saw..I learned that both fire rainbows and Circumzenithal arcs are one and the same.

Causeway and North Beach_099

In another post I have photos of a Sun dogchristmas_035

To me the rainbow colors I saw this day looked more like Sun Dogs

What do you think?

Huntington Beach SP last photos_008We took the trail thru the dunes and headed for

The causeway..

Huntington Beach SP last photos_012For the sunset…

Huntington Beach SP last photos_017It did not disappoint!

Huntington Beach SP last photos_022

The following morning we took our last walk on the beach…

We knew that the previous nights surf might have washed a few things ashore..

It was still high tide so we didn’t see much debris.

We did see a Park ranger empty a crab trap that washed ashore..

He left the crab in the low tide area..

The tide was turning to low and the crab were stuck there…

Huntington Beach SP last photos_030We would have loved to scoop them up and boil them up with some Old Bay seasoning..

Huntington Beach SP last photos_028

We didn’t..

we were at a State Park and it wasn’t  allowed..

Huntington Beach SP last photos_032Instead…we threw them into deeper water..

Huntington Beach SP last photos_027We walked a bit further..

Below Jeff walks with a handful of plastic…

Jeff and I both collected lots of plastic bags that had washed ashore…

Huntington Beach SP last photos_054

Further down the beach..

A banded Ipswich (Savannah) Sparrow

Huntington Beach SP last photos_036

This one had some yellow..

Huntington Beach SP last photos_040

A lovely end to a wonderful stay at

♥ Huntington Beach State Park, SC ♥



We are now in Hollywood!

Not California ..

Stay tuned!

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