Monday, February 04, 2013

Brown Creeper and Carnage

Howdee all,

Last time we left Homey and went on a two week trip for Christmas and Hanukah, on our return we were greeted by Carnage~ a head and some feathers near the motorhome..

it was our beloved mewing Yellow-bellied Sapsucker..I was devastated.

I had only counted one on my Sickstas property previously…and that was it. I haven't seen a Sapsucker since. :(

This time after almost two weeks up north we came back to these feathers scattered about in front of Homey..

Any guess as to who they came from?

birds carthage_015

Mourning Dove..

Luckily there are plenty more…

birds carthage_018

Where we park at my Sickstas, our bedroom window is inches away from a tree.

We have reflective windows..I soap the windows on the side of the Homey that faces the feeders, to prevent bird strikes.

This window is not soaped, though it is VERY dirty..sorry about that.

We have had Cardinal, Robins, Bluebirds, Titmice, Chickadees, Ruby-crowned kinglets all come and tap at our windows when they see their reflections.

This is the first time a Brown Creeper has tapped on our window.

birds carthage_050

I took a cool little video…you can see the underside of the creeper as it holds onto the rubber part of our window frame.

Its been very persistent this morning..As I type this I hear it tapping at my window.


Sorry about my dirty little windows!

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