Friday, January 25, 2013

F#@% the Tufted Duck!

Howdee all,

Jeff and I left our Homey in NC and have road tripped to MA dropping my Sicksta off at Mom and Dads in CT on our way.

Jeff and I are now in MA staying with our daughter and her hubbie for about a week.

On our way up north from North Carolina I read Michael O'Brien's Post of having The Best Crab cakes of the Century and seeing the Tufted Duck from that same location outside of Annapolis.

We always spend the night in is our half way point.

So…what could be better than Tufted Duck and Crab cakes?

I realized on our way to Annapolis that we would not be able to make it to the The Narrows restaurant for dinner and Duck as it was on the other side of Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

So instead we went to Davis Pub for that Yelp recommended for good Crab cakes…well, the Crap cakes were just that..not good at all.

Salty, not lump crab..very disappointing.


In the morning on our way out of the area, we decided we might try for the Tufted Duck.

It must have been below 0 with the wind chill factor. I am guessing 100 below at least! Winking smile

It was ridiculously cold..

..after about fifteen minutes I had enough of freezing my ASs off and yelled~

 F#@% The Duck!!!!

We all laughed and ran into the car for warmth.

We continued to look via the warmth of our car for the Duck.

I don’t know how you diehard Northern birders do this..I am a Whimp!

F Tufted duck_009

We saw these strange birds..

I am awarding The Icicle award for the ID of these!

If its too hard to tell by butt..

F Tufted duck_001How about this view?

F Tufted duck_003It was difficult to take photos of the ducks inside..


I WAS NOT going to outside to freeze, nor would I be rolling down my window.

So ..I took just a few photos thru the dirty glass of our car windows.

We continued looking for the duck..driving to a few other areas..

F Tufted duck_010

after about a 45 minutes of looking through many small rafts of Scaup, Bufflehead, Coot and Long-tailed duck.

we all decided..

F#@% The  Tufted Duck

We had to be in CT at a certain time…and we had no more time to spend looking.



In a week or so …when we head back south.

We intend to get to The Narrows Restaurant for an early dinner..

We might have Duck Winking smile

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