Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Barred Owls ~ Florida

Look…Way up there….Emeralda marsh_028Shhhh…..sleepingEmeralda marsh_032Sorry~didn’t mean to wake youEmeralda marsh_038Emeralda marsh_026Go Back to sleep…Emeralda marsh_045

I will whisper…

Howdee all~

Jeff and I saw these Barred Owls while Birding at Emeralda Marsh in Leesburg,Florida.

We are now near Ocala, Florida…working our way north to be in North Carolina by April. 

Happy Spring and Happy Birding!

All photos taken with my big point and shoot


  1. I think I LOVE them. What a sight!

  2. How Awesome Dawn!!! Double the FUN!

  3. How cool is THAT!! Great pics, thanks for sharing 'em!

  4. Fantastic opportunity!! Lucky, lucky girl!! Wonderful photog!!

  5. Wow, a spectacular sighting. Fabulous photos! How fortunate you were to see 2 perched together. Lucky you!

  6. TWO! MAGIC! I love them. These photos are absolute treasures!

    I had one in my back yard this year--sitting on the ground in the middle of the day. I found a local website about them--apparently they're not that uncommon around here.

    Don't forget to check out WingHaven if you come near Charlotte. It's a small in-city garden, but lots of birds.

  7. Dawn, I heard one of these in a stand of pine in the woods behind my sister's house but could not find it! You are so lucky to have seen them! Can't wait to see you when you get back here!

  8. Dawn, awesome pic's of the barred owls. Have a safe trip!

  9. They are beautiful! The almost look fake. You are soooo lucky to see all these beautiful birds, mammals and animals in your ventures.

  10. Thanks Friends and family for stopping by to see these cool Barred Owls.
    We were so lucky to see them...I actually walked right past them...someone told me they were there..i looked again and saw them..they blend in so well with their surroundings.

    Will have to check out Winghaven~How close are you to Charlotte?

  11. I am afraid I have walked by many owls sitting in trees. They blend in so well. Great photos!

  12. Awesome photos! And how great to see them sitting in the tree like that - some cool, calm, and collected. :)

  13. Awesome! What a beautiful pair, so sweet.

  14. Ruth~
    I know I have walked by many owls too..not fair..

    Yes it was very cool..I could have stared at them for hours.

    Debbie Miller
    It was so cool to hang with them for awhile~


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