Sunday, March 06, 2011

Here we are..until tomorrow

Howdee all,

Jeff and I are now in Mims, Florida. We arrived last week to have new awnings put on. After ten years the fabric was old and had many holes and rips.

We stayed with the same color scheme….just a bit different as it has a tweed look to it...

IMG_0381Here Homey sits on our campsite at Seasons in the Sun

Our favorite RV park so far when staying in Titusville area…its not too…sterile..meaning….they left some nice trees in most of the areas..there are two areas of the campground we don’t like because it is pretty much all pavement and few trees…IMG_0379Here is a sunset view over the campground and tennis courts.IMG_0382

There is a Barred Owl in the park…I hear it at night…(sigh)  I love it..…ow;_024We enjoyed our visit south…but its time to work our way north again…

Jeff and I on the beach on Hutchinson Island.IMG_0375

Where we had great views of the Magnificent FrigatebirdPelican island nwr_183_thumb

A bit far for my point and shoot…Pelican island nwr_185_thumb

We also were lucky to be in the right place at the right time to catch the space shuttle Discovery’s Last launch

Pelican island nwr_009Pelican island nwr_011While staying at Jensen Beach we were close to my cousin and her family…Her daughter cut my hair shorter than I have had in quite a while..and I am liking it…

She did a lovely job with the cut and color…

My hair dries so quick now..usually it  takes hours…..Thanks Ashley!


We leave this RV park tomorrow and Tuesday we have more work done on Homey…

Don’t know how long that will take…but after, we plan on heading toward Ocala..

and norther..


  1. Tres chic my dear! You look lovely!

    Sorry to hear you have to start heading north, and just when everyone else wants to head south!

    Very cool about the space shuttle!

  2. Great post on your latest stop, Dawn. I love the owl and your new do. Very cool to be able to see the shuttle take off. Great photos.

  3. Love the RV park and it's so cool you got to see the launch. Wow, your new do is awesome.. So chic and cool! I can't wait to see it in person. Hopefully you can find someone who cuts it well like her.

  4. Yes, that is a great hair style Dawn and really suits you.

  5. My boyfriend and I were nattering on about Florida yesterday, and I was trying to describe how cool the birds there are. I forgot about the frigates. That does look like a great spot you've got!

  6. Very nice new hair style! Love the picture of the two of you!

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  8. Love the new chic do! So very stylish and young. Fabulous Barred Owl. I always enjoy listening to their hoots. How fortunate you were able to view Discovery's last launch. Enjoy your travels north!

  9. Happy for your new awning! Your campsite looks green and cozy (compared to brown, brown, brown) How lucky to have a Barred Owl and to see the Discovery launch...WOW!!
    Hey...and also, that haircut is so cute!

  10. Cool to get a shot of the space shuttle. Love your hair cut. looks really cute on you. You're heading north and we are heading south.

  11. Love the Barred owl-at the launch-cool!Hairstyle looks nice and I always feel like i'm cursing when I say frigatebird

  12. Relaxing in lawn chairs in the warm sunshine looks so pleasant. I can only dream of it for now. Beautiful photos - the Barred Owl is grand.

  13. Thanks everyone! Glad you liked my new doo...actually it is already longer and it doesn't look like the picture because I cant get it as straight as the hairdresser did.

    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    We are on our slow journey up north..
    Will get to NC by April! See you in Cyberspace!

  14. The hair is looking HOT girlfriend! Does hubby agree?


ok what do you really think?????