Monday, March 28, 2011

Swallow-tailed Kite

Howdee all,

While staying at Wilderness RV resort in Silver Springs, Florida,we were lucky enough to experience a Swallow-tailed Kite flying over the park. Then we noticed two Kite..

And just yesterday we saw this..

kite in campground_001Sorry for the Grainy photos…I just have a point and shoot~

Nest building material!

kite in campground_002It was fun to watch…we stayed for a half hour then continued our walk to the nearby restaurant for Sunday morning breakfast.kite in campground_003The nest is being built close to the river…in the tallest pine tree, in back of a row of Motorhomes…kite in campground_004Everyone was enjoying watching them…kite in campground_007After breakfast Jeff and I went back and there was no sign of them..

We were told that a Red-shouldered Hawk dive bombed one of the Kite.

The Hawk was then surprised as the other Kite…went after him. 

The nest building stopped..kite in campground_009I went back later in the evening and they were not at the nest building site.

I did see one of the resident Pileated Woodpeckers.

kite in campground_017The RV park is getting empty now…The snowbirds are starting their northward journeys back home for the summer..kite in campground_019See our Homey at the far end of the RV park…Its time for our wheels to turn too!kite in campground_021We are headed to North Carolina..for a months stay at Sickstas and Craigys.

This morning before we began our journey north, I went to see if the Kite had returned…

kite in campground_023And they had…swallowtailed kite_004

With nest building material!swallowtailed kite_026Nice!swallowtailed kite_028


  1. Nice observation with the kites! Safe travels, snowbird or, what was that Latin name we gave you?

  2. What a "feel good" post! LOVE it!
    Wishing you safe travel!!

  3. love the sighting of the swallow tailed kite

  4. Hi Dawn, these images are pretty good considering you were only using your little Lumix point and shoot.

  5. A most wonderful post! What a glorious sight that must have been to observe the kite's gathering nesting material. Cool Pileated Woodpecker! Happy travels!

  6. Hard to keep a good kite down.;) Excellent sighting.

    Getting quieter down here too. Can't blame them snowbirds, oops I mean Winter Texans.

  7. Awesome shot of the Swallow-tail. I got a great shot a couple years ago of an SW with the Gieko Gecko in his talons. Take that little man, try to sell that kind of insurance will ya!

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  9. very nice. regal bird.
    just saw a Pileated Woodpecker in the pecan tree behind a house i'm renovating here in NOLA. i would say it was about 15 ft. directly above me, nearly upside down, and not bothered the least with me talking to it.
    wish i'd had my camera.

  10. Great pics of the kites on here!

  11. Terrific shots of the Kites!! Also interesting clouds. I put a link in to a slide show in the NYTimes on clouds with great info.

  12. Great Kite shots, Dawn. Almost looked like it had a jet exhaust trail behind it in a couple of the images. Amusing idea........great behavioral captures and nice series. Tells much about the bird. I saw Kites in Italy a few years ago. They are all over the ruins in Rome like we have House finches or Euro. Starlings or something. Nearly a nuicanse. To me though they were an awesome addition the the overwhelming sights and sounds of Rome. Figures I'd be there in the epicenter of our human history and focusing on the birds, nonetheless. :)

  13. Love the kite building the nest--every bird is singing here.

    I just heard the Pileated Woodpecker close to the house as I was writing this comment! He's telling me to get outside.

    Enjoy NC--spring will be there when you arrive!

  14. What a beautiful bird. i sure wish we had kites around here. The pictures are great for me to enjoy the graceful flight.

  15. How very exciting to see the Kite's first of all (I haven't yet, would LOVE to) and then to notice they are preparing a nest! Love their tails. Nice Pileated too.

  16. Thanks everyone for stopping by to say hello and leave comments...
    Was wonderful to see these beautiful Kites fly...very graceful.

    To see the nest building was a big bonus.

    We are now in North Carolina~arrived today to beautiful spring weather.
    Tomorrow is supposed to bit a bit raw and rainy...looking forward to this weekend for more nice weather.

    Hope you are all enjoying springtime.

  17. I think those are great flight shots with a point and shoot.I never seem to get many flight shots to come out in focus.-Great bird to watch too.I saw one once in Deep River Connectciut and it put on a lengthy flight show.


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