Friday, March 25, 2011

WHAT! I haven't posted in four days…

Howdee all,

juniper and Alexander springs_136

I haven't posted in four whole days…I am either having allot of fun and have no time or I have nothing to post about.

Truth is I have a backlog of things to post…We have been doing allot of hiking and swimming…and I have been busy with my post at and have had no time for my own blog.

Pooh…so there ya go…

Tomorrow we plan on staying around the Homey and doing I will find some time to show you some of the cool places we have been..

Until then…

Off we go…two natural springs to check out today…:)

See the heart I found growing on this leaf…isn't it sweet?

juniper and Alexander springs_168

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  1. I look forward to Your hikes as I haven't been able to get out myself.

  2. Looking forward to your future posts. Enjoy the springs!

  3. Sounds like you've been busy. Love the pic of the passion flower - haven't seen one in ages, it has inspired me to get one this year!

  4. Thanks friends..posts on a few hikes coming soon!

  5. Thanks-I'll go check out the I'm going to my socks off ahead of time and put on some slippers.


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