Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crossley ID guide ~Not for me!

Howdee all,

The Crossley ID guide to Eastern Birds

If you’re a birder you have read the hype..You may have read many of the reviews..

If you don’t already have a copy~you want to get your greedy little bird loving hands on it.

Well You can have it! I don’t want it!


Let me clarify..before the whole birding community gets on my case…and people start hurling their Crossleys at me..Ouch..that would hurt!

I really do want a Crossley guide~I want to stare lovingly into those beautiful bird plates..and ponder each little bird photo..…I just don’t want the Book!

You see.. I live full time in 400 square feet of space. We try not to accumulate stuff

I don’t want that big monster of a book weighing down our Homey..…Did you ever see the movie the Long Long Trailer….Lucille Balls husband in the movie dumping off the rocks that she collected one by one from a loaded down trailer. See video at about six minutes. 

Yeah, I try to avoid that…

I am waiting patiently~~because

I want the Crossley app. for IPod and IPad..

I know many of you like Books…You want to be able to caress the book firmly in you hands and feel the weight of the book as you turn the pages and smell the print and kiss the cover....or something like that…:)

Well not me, I want and need to have all my books in one basket.  Simplicity works best for me. I might feel differently if I had a house with a wall of bookshelves….but I don’t.

I have a small IPod touch now..and will be getting an IPad in the future..they are my bookshelves…and I can carry my bookshelf with me wherever I go. I like that!

So~No..I don’t want the Crossley ID guide in book form…

I hope they make an app for that! :)


  1. I asked Crossley about this. He's currently working on the western version of this book and then the British edition (birds of Europe) but he said that it will eventually be available in App form. I will want a copy of it myself. :)

  2. I have heard about the Crossly guide but I have not seen one yet. I will have to check it out. Is it really that big. I guess it is not one to be carried out on a birding walk.

  3. I haven't seen one yet either and agree, I love having my books digitalized. I still like deeper stuff on a real book where I can see notes that I make and go back to previous pages where the notes lead me. I haven't quite mastered that on my device.

  4. I can certainly understand your sentiment when space is important.

    I wonder if the book is available on a Kindle?

  5. Haven't seen (or desired) the book, but I do remember that scene in The Long, Long Trailer. I loved it!

  6. It's a gorgeous picture book. Give it as a gift to kids; they'll love it and get interested in birding.

  7. I thought for a minute you were going to take on the birding world! That would have been fun to watch!

  8. I have been thinking the exact same thing.I want a kindle,to eliminate my books!

  9. I just got the new Stokes book. I had them sign it too at a Mass Audubon conference. Its also a bit too big for the field, but the good thing about it is that it provides pics of birds in every season. It will be a good companion at home. I've already used it for gull ID. Gulls Augh!!!!

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments..I hope to someday get the book in cyber version!

    Chris W
    Thanks for the info...looking forward to the app!

    Yea..I hear ya..I have thinned out our books..and carry only a few now.

    Howdee Eileen, The Crossley ID Guide is not meant for the is a book you would keep at home and study.

    Beyond My Garden
    They should make ebooks or app books with the ability to take notes ...maybe someday.

    I dont know if the book is available on Kindle..I really prefer in an easy to use app form.

    Awesome scene isnt it? :)

    Hilke Breder
    Good idea for the book..certainly its good for many reasons..
    Cant wait to have it in cyber form.

    Birding is Fun!
    hee hee! Wouldn't that have been fun. I know from what I have read that this is a great book..just waiting until the cyber version.

    I hear the kindle is great for reading books...I will be getting an Ipad though, I love apps.

    John (Tucker)
    I havent seen the new Stokes guide. I have heard good things about it.
    Great that it has helped you with the Gulls!

  11. Rick Wright had the same idea. I agree that it would be great as an app, but it would have to be on a screen at least iPad-sized. It just wouldn't work on phones or iPods. The Crossley guide works best when you're able to take in the scene as a whole.

  12. Birder's Library
    Howdee..thanks for stopping by..
    I read Rick Wrights review...I agree Ipad would be best..but if it were available i would use it on my itouch as well and my Ipad..the itouch is small but the images are stretchable..I think it would be nice to peruse when in a waiting line, Drs office etc...

  13. Yes, Crossley is definitely too big to be a portable field guide, and lucky you, you get to live in the field! The bird book I'd really like to see as an iPad app is Kroodsma's "The Singing Life of Birds"--it's illustrated with lots of spectrograms of bird vocalizations and comes with a CD of these vocalizations that you're supposed to listen to as you read. I'd love to see a version of this with clickable hyperlinks that will play these songs as you read!


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