Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Feathers~Common Moorhen

Howdee all,

Common Moorhen..

The Common Moorhen has long toes that makes it possible to walk on soft mud and floating vegetation. The toes have no lobes or webbing to help in swimming, but the moorhen is a good swimmer anyway. via All about Birds

moorhen (12)One of the most common water birds I see here in Florida….Coot being the most common..moorhen (13)Some of these photos were taken at Green Cay..moorhen (15)Green Cay is One of my favorite places to bird when we stay in Palm beach area…I love the bright green algae and duck weed…the ability to get close to birds at Green Cay makes my point and shoot camera happy!moorhen (20)

The Moorhen bill reminds me of Candy corn..reverse and without the white…moorhen (2)

Quite an interesting looking bird.moorehen

What do you think?

moorhen (1)


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  1. You see the most unique-looking birds. What great pictures!

  2. I like moorhens - for a few reasons, but mostly right now, I like them because they are found only in warm places! I'm very tired of snow, cold & Winter in general.

  3. I got my best Florida photos at Green Cay...gotta get back there some day!

  4. What a unique creature!! I LOVE little spot of red on it's head! I have heard great things about Green Cay .... I must put it on my bucket list!

  5. Gorgeous and unusual at the same time!

  6. That red on the head is a good way to identify. Great photos.

  7. Thanks for this post Dawn! I have never seen a moorhen before and they look so cool! Thanks for helping to expand my birding horizons and teaching me a thing or two! Your blog is a great spot to visit.

  8. Never saw a candy corn bird although they do see them in CT during the Halloween season.Seriously though-cool looking bird. I miss good videos like that.My new camera is supposed to have good video but it shows up small letterboxed on the web-don't like it.

  9. April
    Thanks April..lots of cool birds down here in Florida

    Kathy H
    You need a Florida sure does warm you up! Lots of Canadians down here.

    Yeah..I love how close you can get to the birds in Green Cay..and they dont seem to care..I love the green duck weed and algae.

    Yes..put Green Cay on your bucket list..a little jewel in the middle of hustle bustle.

    Tink is a bit silly looking:)

    Appalachian Lady
    Yeah..great way to ID it..a very cool bird.

    John S. Mead
    Glad I could show you a bird you havent seen. Must be some around you there in Texas..i think toward the east.

    hee are silly~ To bad your camera has crap video..cant you bring it back~tell them the video is not good!


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