Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~Goodbye Emerald Eyes~

Howdee all,

We leave this RV park today and I must say Goodbye to my Peacock friends…

I was so fascinated by the males that I didn’t take any photos of the Peahens..sorry girls.

The Peafowl like hanging out high in the trees..PEACOCK_002

Check out this video of a Male Displaying~He's so handsome…but the girls could care less…

A young malePEACOCK_003Look at the beautiful fluff on his rump..PEACOCK_004Goodbye Handsome…PEACOCK_012Keep strutting your stuff..

Enchant those peahens..

like you have enchanted me..…


Haiku -

Peacock Feather

Drops from a rainbow
Changed to an emerald eye
On Indian bird.
Paul Holmes


In case you missed my

Featured “BATHROBE” Bird Blogger…you read that right…go check her out! Bathrobe birding at its best!!


  1. They are lovely Dawn, but very noisy as well I think.

  2. Beautiful!

    Kah Wai

  3. Hopefully you'll find some more handsome boys at your next stop. ;)

  4. I just think it is simply AMAZING that they look like that.. and are made that way... beautiful is an understatement...

  5. What's wrong with those girls? He sure is a hottie! A stunning sight for sure ... those gorgeous feathers. I love this post!

  6. That poor peacock. He is a party up front and business casual in the back ha.

  7. I was surprised when I came across a peacock roosting in a tree at a farm a couple of years ago.(someday I hope to find a Wild Turkey in a tree too) Your bird photos are beautiful.

  8. I REALLY think that that bird can REALLY shake his tail! LOL!

  9. Love this post Dawn! Those peacocks can be annoying. My dad's friend has one on his pig farm and I have to be careful to stay out of his way. He doesn't like when I try to get close to take pics for the blog... hahah

  10. Roy
    You are right..these birds are noisy!

    Kah-Wai Lin
    Thank you and thanks for stopping by.

    Missy D.
    Howdee Missy...arent they the coolest!

    Julie G.
    I know..whats with those girls! I certainly was mesmerized!

    hee hee..Sicksta..you are too funny..he actually had some real cute fluff on his butt!

    yeah..i didnt realize they roosted in trees..very cool birds..hope you see your turkeys in the trees.

    Yea..loved watching it shake its feathers..so neat.

    Thanks..these birds were actually used to lots of people ..not mean at all.

  11. Almost unbelievable that one bird can be so beautiful and have the ability of flight on top of it! Loved the music on the video...who was that? Thanks for the post!


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