Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here we are~ Wilderness RV Park Estates…

Howdee all,

Here we are…Wilderness rv park_024

We are in the Ocala National Forest for a few days or longer~haven't decided yet how long we will stay.

I tried to find a campground in the National Forest or the nearby State Park…but it was a no go~booked solid.

So here we are…at the Wilderness RV Park and Estates~big park~ Monster park really.


Not the usual park to stay at for us…but it has a few perks..

Walk out the door to the Ocklawaha River.

Where we plan to rent a kayak and check out the river this week~Watch out Gators!Wilderness rv park_005

We chose a spot looking into the forest and away from most of the Motorhomes.

It was foggy this morning

Wilderness rv park_025

There is a heated pool~which we have used already..and Jacuzzi..another luxury. We have used the exercise room..and I plan on using it on days we aren't hiking.

Need to loose that 10 pounds that menopause, bad eating habits and lack of exercise has kept on..

Wilderness rv park_023

There are a few nice water features in the park~though, I have only seen one Great Egret in the water…Wilderness rv park_014We have seen and heard other birds from the park..Wilderness rv park_017

Yesterday in the evening I saw a Swallow-tailed Kite fly overhead.

At dusk we heard Barred Owls hooting up a storm..

And as I write this post at almost 2pm…an Eastern Screech Owl was calling..Wilderness rv park_022

I will take a walk now to the river and see what I can see…

We will hang out here for what's left of the day~heated pool~Jacuzzi~maybe a little more exercise~Watch the Big Moon Rise…and listen to the Owls again.

Hope you all enjoy the Big MOON!

And if you haven't already seen my

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Go Check see who it is…Smile


  1. That looks like a wonderful place and who could not love those perks!

  2. Hey, you're not far from my neck of the woods! I actually drove through Ocala National Forest this morning; I could have passed you and not known it. Sounds like you landed a great place to stay. Hope you keep enjoying it!

  3. Beachgrl
    It is nice having the pool..its hot here! :O

    Felicia~We will be here maybe a week...come visit..or maybe we can meet somewhere :)

  4. It looks so nice and warm where you are. Enjoy! Send the Herons back if you think of it. I miss them.

  5. Love the Ocklawaha! Good paddling there - hope you'l make it out to Juniper or Alexander Springs - awesome stuff. Silver Glen is great, too. :)

  6. Wow, that park is Huge. You could get lost. Good thing they gave you a map. ;)

    Paddling sounds like fun. Watch out for those gators.

  7. Oh my goodness so much to see and do there. I would be picking a spot away from everyone else too. I can't wait to see what kind of fun you'll have here Dawn. :)

  8. Looks like you are making the best of that place. I need to lose about 10 lbs. too and joined a private weight-loss blog to help. If you're interested in joining let me know.

  9. Looks like a nice place :) And nice to have perks like those :)

  10. Understand not being able to get into state parks. Must plan way ahead:(

  11. What a beautiful place! And a heated pool and Jacuzzi..Ahhhh!! Enjoy!

  12. Swallow-tailed Kite, eh. That sounds pretty good.

  13. LOL! Watch out gators? Watch out, Dawn!!!

    That place looks huge, indeed! Use bug spray.

  14. What an interesting life you lead!

  15. even if it's more commercial than your usual haunts, you've found the portal back out to the wilds.

  16. Saw the Big Moon. Sorry you could not get into the National Park. Sure sounds like you have made the best of it.

  17. Thanks everyone for stopping by..

    I have really been enjoying the heated pool. After a day of hiking its nice to float in the warm pool.
    Kevin~We did go to both springs..real nice..

    So far we are having a great time in Ocala National Forest!


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