Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fickle me~I’ve fallen in Love again ♥

Howdee all, me Fickle

I have fallen in Love Again..

This time with a Peacock!

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_119He and about five other males live in the campground we are in…I have counted around ten female…I suspect there are more.

Peacock Display

by David Wagoner

He approaches her, trailing his whole fortune,

Perfectly cocksure, and suddenly spreads

The huge fan of his tail for her amazement.

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_089

Each turquoise and purple, black-horned, walleyed quill

Comes quivering forward, an amphitheatric shell

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_113

For his most fortunate audience: her alone.

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_115

He plumes himself. He shakes his brassily gold

Wings and rump in a dance, lifting his claws

Stiff-legged under the great bulge of his breast. Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_116

And she strolls calmly away, pecking and pausing,

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_074Not watching him, astonished to discover

All these seeds spread just for her in the dirt.


So….Females have been ignoring the males~

from what I have seen so far..

But Not me…

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_101I stare…

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_102And StarePeacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_103How can so much vibrant color be on one bird?

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_110I follow the bird..and see the feathers capture the light…Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_111As the bird now captures my heart…

Peacocks @Magnolia Park, Apopka Florida_107



  1. Well I can certainly understand how you fell for this brilliant fellow. Jeff must be very understanding. Those colors almost hurt the eyes, of which the tail looks to carry many. But just a little noisy aren't they?

  2. I can see why you've fallen in love. I wouldn't be able to get anything else done for watching! Gorgeous images of the display.

  3. Oh how stunning! Looks like Mr Peacock has found himself a new ladyfriend. ;)

  4. A fabulous series, I especially like the first.

    I once stayed in a place where a Peacock roosted in a tree outside the window. At about 4 in the morning he would start wailing. I began looking for recipes for Peacock soup!!

  5. How could you do this to Mr. Crab? HE thought love was blind!


  6. He's gorgeous!

    I have a friend who lives in a small village in England. A male peacock escaped from a truck several years ago as he and a female peacock were being delivered to another town. "Basil," as the villagers have named him, has been terrorizing them ever since, grousing at residents and bullying their pets.

    No one has the nerve to try and catch him. Too bad--they could FedEx him to your campground. :)

  7. Great post, Dawn - I love the use of the poem and the way you wove in the photos. It's funny how the guys work so hard sometimes and the gals are so, well, blase. I just put up a post with a couple photos of peacocks here in my NYC neighborhood! A huge church here has 3 free-roaming males (including one pure white beauty) on their property - gifts (I was told) from the Bronx Zoo.

  8. The colors are so vibrant and bright.... If I could be a bird, it might be this one... unreal!

  9. The last picture looks like a painting

  10. Dawn, I just hope Jeff is not jealous! (Perhaps we should paint him peacock blue?)

  11. P.S. Love the poems in this and the previous post!

  12. Thanks Friends and family for you comments on this post about my new love Mr. Peacock.

    These guys are noisy as Gaelyn and Harold mentioned..they are alarm clocks in the morning...

    They are sooo amazingly colorful..beautiful when the sun shines on them.

    merrilymarylee ~you can have them fedex that bird to me..I would love to have it stay with us..:)

    Thanks again folks!
    See you in cyberspace..
    and who knows..
    maybe we will meet in real life..
    let me know if i am close to your home..I love good coffee ..bird friendly of course...:)


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