Monday, March 21, 2011

Lake Eaton Trail~Ocala National Forest

Howdee all,

Its getting hot here in Florida~ So it was nice to find a hike in the forest..

Jeff and I did this short hike to Lake Eaton.

Ocala NF_001A little shade…Ocala NF_026 I love the Christmas Lichen 

Ocala NF_005

Pretty in PinkOcala NF_006

This Deer Moss looks like soap bubbles..

Ocala NF_010Pink lichen and Deer MossOcala NF_012

Ocala NF_015More Lichen…What kind?  Ocala NF_019

See the heart?Ocala NF_024This was a short 2.3 mile hike

To the Lake…Ocala NF_027We saw a few Egrets and a Bald Eagle flying over the lake.. Ocala NF_028 an Alligator cooling off in the water..if you look very closely :)

Cypress kneesOcala NF_032Maple leaves coming out for the summer..Ocala NF_038I chased around a few of these large green Dragonflies…

Great Pond hawks~Common Green Darner?

Ocala NF_044This one below was on another…at first I thought they were mating…Ocala NF_052

Then it flew off…and on closer inspection…Ocala NF_055I realized it was having lunch….tasty!Ocala NF_060

Jeff and I are here in Ocala National Forest for a few more days…we then head our tires North~destination North Carolina…


  1. Hey Dawn, I am eating lunch while reading this! Yuk! My lunch is much better than that one! LOL! Hope to see you when you finally make it back to NE. Be glad you are not coming today. It's snowing!!!

  2. Excellent photo series as always Dawn! Love the mosses and litchens.

  3. Oh what a glorious hike you had! Thank you for taking us along. The various moss and lichen are amazing. A beautiful, colorful blog post!

  4. I'm liken' those lichens!

    Nice to find a semi-shady place to hike. I still haven't been anywhere, and may not get the chance.

  5. Nice to see people getting outside. I wish it was that warm here. It's so close to the big bird arrival we can almost taste it. Can't wait to be surrounded by warblers again.

  6. Hey, these are wonderful pictures and I really enjoyed them!

  7. Oh I can't wait to start seeing the DRAGONS again! Great captures Dawn!!

  8. The pics look great!

  9. Beautiful images! Looks like a magical forrest! I wished I was there instead in cold Vermont.

  10. Thanks friends for stopping by and commenting! Wishing you all warmth and sunshine.

    Sorry I ruined your lunch :) Hope you warm up soon!

    Thanks John! Hope you are enjoying your free time.

    Julie G.
    Thanks Tweets...Glad you enjoyed the hike!

    Thanks Gaelyn...Hope you are enjoying all thoes great birds in Texas!

    Paul Riss
    Its been summer all winter here in Florida...the birds are coming..we will be heading north with them soon. Happy Birding!

    Weekend Cowgirl
    Thanks Cowgirl! Glad you liked my pics :)

    Thanks Tweets...looking forward to your Dragons!

    green fingers mum
    Thanks kindly!!

    Hilke Breder
    Thanks Hilke...I think the warm is headed your way soon!

    Debbie Miller @HooootOwl
    Thanks Tweetie..Yes lots of color here in Florida this time of year...
    going to follow that color north soon!

  11. Great post! I'm just getting into lichens. They can be so tough to ID! Good info, thanks for sharing!


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