Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sunrise and Sunset..

Howdee all,

We said goodbye to John Prince Park….

Limpkin, Lake Worth Florida (sunrise)

morning at john prince_044

We are now in Jensen Beach, Florida

Funky little RV park by the intercoastal....

See the peachy building in the distance?


IMG_0286Nice little café on the water…bridge in the distance beyond.

Sunset Jensen Beach pichfords rv park

We have some exploring to do…

Hope you are all Counting the birds..

They are counting on you! Smile


  1. Looks like a nice little RV park and right on the water~~~ how great!!! Have fun & travel safe
    Happy birding my friend

  2. Sure looks inviting from where I'm sitting.

  3. Lovely Dawn! That first shot makes my heart skip a beat :)

  4. Don't you just love Florida? Gorgeous Limpkin at sunrise image! Happy birding!

  5. I love that first photo of the Limpkin against the sky. Pretty building--looks like Florida. Hope you enjoy your stay there.

  6. Just catching up on, been busy at the rodeo. Enjoy Jensen Beach. Don's daughter lives in Port St Lucie, so we go to that beach when we visit them on the way back east. (Which, I'm happy to say, we won't be leaving here until April 9th.)


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