Friday, February 04, 2011

Daytona Beach~Gull Fly In

Howdee all,

While in Titusville…the five below…

Dawn, Donna,Jeff,Linda and Melanie

pond and gull fly in_023Drove to Daytona Beach for the

Gull Fly in!pond and gull fly in_025And Fly in they did….hundredspond and gull fly in_026

Of Gulls…pond and gull fly in_040Preening after a long day….pond and gull fly in_041Lovely acrobatics…pond and gull fly in_047The gulls kept flying in…..and birders looked through them to find a prize..

A view looking south…pond and gull fly in_050A view looking north…pond and gull fly in_052

More preening…pond and gull fly in_064Just hanging out…pond and gull fly in_081

How good are you at Gull ID?pond and gull fly in_095

I give you all these gulls to ID

pond and gull fly in_098

Test your skills

pond and gull fly in_112

Are these all the same?

pond and gull fly in_161

How many different types of gulls do you see in this photo?

You can click on the photos to make them larger…pond and gull fly in_165

Some just stop to enjoy the gulls…pond and gull fly in_200This is the view looking south..Birders and photographers…pond and gull fly in_204

I bet you know what gull this is…pond and gull fly in_214You may not recognize this one…its hiding…pond and gull fly in_245Anyway..this is quiz for you all… take it if you would like..

Just practice your gull IDpond and gull fly in_249Use your field guide…pond and gull fly in_252

Or your binoculars..pond and gull fly in_254We did…

…and I am still looking thru the photos and trying to ID Gullspond and gull fly in_259Gulls are difficult for me…but I do recognize a few here…pond and gull fly in_266If you don’t want to ID the gulls…just enjoy the scenery..pond and gull fly in_276It was a beautiful evening…pond and gull fly in_278pond and gull fly in_282A mist in the distance…and gulls, gulls, gulls…..pond and gull fly in_289The setting sun gives them a nice glow…pond and gull fly in_292And here is where they will spend the evening…pond and gull fly in_293While we go home…..pond and gull fly in_296After enjoying them….pond and gull fly in_298And the Sunset….pond and gull fly in_306

Jeff and I are now at Lake Worth where we will be for the next two weeks. I have family here and we both have friends that we will be visiting..We also have some get togethers planned for first time meet ups with Facebook and Twitter friendsSmile

And……. fresh off the press this morning is my

Featured Bird Blogger of the Week post..go see who it is…

YOU wont be disappointed!


  1. Cool...all of those gulls. We were on Cocoa Beach a couple of weeks ago and were fascinated with a flock of birds we saw. Turned out to be not just gulls, but terns and skimmers, too. Fun to watch them all! I've been posting pic of them with more to come.

  2. Fun! I will definitely have to get out my guide for this post!

  3. As far back as I can remember, I have always loved a little girl I only ever saw them at the beach and I love beach and the ocean so for me they all go together.

  4. Wow! Gull paradise! Great show but I'll have to take a rain check.

  5. Oh I sea gulls but can't tell one from the other...LOL Thanks for sharing such GREAT photos!!!
    Have fun & travel safe

  6. Looks like a gull lightful day!!!

  7. Wow, this is awesome! I would have loved to have been down there with a gull expert to help show me around. I'm glad you made it down to Florida and enjoyed it!

  8. You're trying to ID gulls Dawn, best of luck.
    Great scenes.

  9. Dawn, so you and I have the same thing on our minds! What a lot of gulls! Yours look warmer than the ones Gus photographed at Salisbury beach in MA! My brother used to live right there at Daytona Beach just 2 blocks off the beach. I have only been there one time while visiting him. Stay warm and have fun!

  10. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting..I really appreciate it!

    Sally in WA~
    Thanks~ I checked out your skimmer pics..very nice!

    Good luck!

    Yeah..I love watching them too!

    Hilke Breder
    hee hee..i know what you mean..there are allot of gulls to ID..but actually there really were mostly just three kinds.

    hee hee..neither can I:)

    It sure was a gullyfull!

    Having a great time here in Florida...The weather is wonderful..
    we should meet half way somewhere:)

    Thanks..I need all the luck I can get!

    Wish you were here with me to count the birds I am seeing! :)


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