Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~Morning on the Lake~John Prince Park,FL

Howdee all,

This morning after my Limpkin alarm clock woke me. I took an early morning walk.I took along my Canon point and shoot and my Itouch…

Can you tell what photos were taken with each camera?

This first photo was taken behind the homey…

morning at john prince_004It was a beauteous morning!

morning at john prince_018

I walked alone..

Jeff flew back to Boston, his 97 year old aunt passed away…


I stayed behind to take care of Ballie….

morning at john prince_035Goodbye Aunt Lil~ we had some fun times together….IMG_0267

You liked Florida….

IMG_0270It really is lovely here…IMG_0280I remember when Jeff and I first started RVing…We didn’t think we would like Florida…too many people…to many high rises…not enough places to hike.

IMG_0281We now love coming here…

we always find wonderful pockets of nature…morning at john prince_051Florida is not just high rises on the beach, we were mistaken…morning at john prince_053We come to Florida to bird and to visit family and friends….IMG_0279To enjoy warm weather in the winter…morning at john prince_080It suits us …one of the many places we enjoy in the winter…morning at john prince_081Hi there!…:)morning at john prince_082So, if you are cold and need to get warmed up…morning at john prince_086Come to Florida…morning at john prince_117Its really warm here….morning at john prince_122You can go for walks every day without slipping on white stuff….morning at john prince_093When in Florida, we love staying here at John Prince Park..morning at john prince_098You would never know there was a sprawling town all around us…IMG_0266Its peaceful here….IMG_0262

We leave Lake Worth on Friday and head north on the stop Jensen beach.


  1. Sorry about Aunt Lil.
    Your photos are so lovely, Dawn.

  2. Aunt Lil would love your photos and words. Your images are spectacular, Dawn!


  3. Beautious scenery and the photos that capture it!

  4. Really Sorry about Jeff's Aunt.

    You've sold me on Florida! I've only been there in the summer - I bet it is PERFECT in the Winter.
    No White Stuff!

  5. Stellar photos!

    I was born and raised in Florida. So glad you are enjoying your visit.

    My husband and I will begin traveling, hopefully, within the next six months. Fifth wheel RV.

    Found you at "Beyond the Fields We Know."

    Be safe. Blessings!

  6. Love to you and Jeff in the loss of his aunt.....97 years young!

  7. 97 - such a respectable age,, Sorry for the loss.
    Such lovely and serene photos with that warm light framing the sad tidings makes it a very special obituary in a way. Totally agree with everyone else. Superb photography!!!

  8. Beautiful, Florida Tourist Bureau should put you on the payroll.

  9. Wow, gorgeous images ... each and every one of them! While viewing your blog I felt like I was looking at a beautiful Florida travel brochure. Lovely! My condolences to you and Jeff ...

  10. Dawn... your photos as always were spectacular and I enjoyed them a lot... Nice tribute to Jeff's Auntie.
    Have fun & travel safe

  11. My Mom is headed there next week! Wish I was coming down! I need me some sunshine and some birds!

    BTW, so sorry to hear about Jeff's aunt. Give him a hug for me when he returns.

    What gorgeous photos Dawn!

  12. Thanks friends and family for your kind comments and condolences!

    Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Thanks Lynne!

    Thanks tweetie Beverly:)

    thanks kindly Mary! Hows the wedding plans going?

    Thanks Sicksta..wish you were here!

    Thanks Kerri,
    I wouldnt want to be here in the summer..Winter is lovely!

    Thanks Roy!

    Thanks dear Twitter Pal.:)

    the wild magnolia
    Thanks...will you be full timing in your RV? We love it!

    Nicole MacP
    Thanks so much Nicole!

    Ada May Donald Roberts
    Thanks you two!

    Steven Scott
    Thanks so much pleasure.

    Gunnar Engblom
    Thanks So much Gunnar...she lived a long life!

    Harold Stiver
    Thanks Harold..would love to be put on their payroll..hee hee..

    Julie G.
    Thanks kindly dear twitter friend..

    Thanks so much..:)

    Kathiesbirds should be following your mom down here!
    Thanks so much for your kind comments and condolences.


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