Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Brevard Hot spots

Howdee all,

While at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival,Jeff, Linda and I went on the Bird outing to the Brevard Hot spots.

Except…the spots weren't hot…

brevard hot spots panasonic_002They were cold, burrrr....and no birds…brevard hot spots panasonic_005But what did it matter….we had a beautiful sunrisebrevard hot spots panasonic_007

So..It was ok…brevard hot spots panasonic_012

That there weren't that many birds…brevard hot spots panasonic_020Here's one…brevard hot spots panasonic_016

So bear with me…brevard hot spots panasonic_027I got carried away..brevard hot spots panasonic_025With the sunrise photos…brevard hot spots panasonic_029Isn't it just so serene?brevard hot spots panasonic_030brevard hot spots panasonic_033

Birders looking at no birds…ok maybe a few Egrets and Heronsbrevard hot spots panasonic_041But still it didn’t matter to me..brevard hot spots panasonic_035I enjoyed the clouds…brevard hot spots panasonic_042and the stillness of the water…brevard hot spots panasonic_043And the quiet…brevard hot spots panasonic_048Oh look…a non bird…:)brevard hot spots panasonic_050

brevard hot spots panasonic_056What do we have here?

A flock of birdersSurprised smile

Brevard hot spot hike_006

ok..enough of this you say… what about the birds?

Brevard hot spot hike_008

No birds here…just beautiful clouds

Brevard hot spot hike_010

OH here's a bird…a sweet Savannah Sparrowjeffs digiscoped pics_020

Digiscoped by Jeffjeffs digiscoped pics_020We left the non birdie area and went to  a few other local hot spots..that were hotter..jeffs digiscoped pics_022

In one small pond ,in a housing development, were five Roseate SpoonbillBrevard hot spot hike_012And about a hundred Black-bellied whistling duckBrevard hot spot hike_013Just standing still in water…Brevard hot spot hike_015Looking like statues…Brevard hot spot hike_017A Turkey vulture in a nearby yard…Brevard hot spot hike_021For all the non birds on our first stop..we ended up seeing many birds..Brevard hot spot hike_037It was mostly by quick drive by birding….to and past the hotspots..Brevard hot spot hike_039

By the end of the day..we had 93 species..Brevard hot spot hike_049Of which I might have seen a bit over half and some for just seconds…Brevard hot spot hike_051So..not my type of birding..but we got a few places on our list to go back to…Brevard hot spot hike_053

Happy Birding!

Jeff and I are headed south as I type..in two days we will be near West Palm Beach..to visit family and to Bird with a few Facebook and twitter friends!

If anyone wants to join us let us know…This Sunday will be Green Cay.


  1. Great post Dawn! The Non hot spots were hot! LOVE those clouds and the sunrise too. Morning is my FAVE time of day!

  2. Dawn, that sky does look serene and oh, so peaceful and, lucky you...NO snow! What a cute Savannah sparrow! Hope it gets even warmer for you as you drive south. We are bracing for round 2 up here in the snowy north. We may get some ice this time! YUK! Drive safely and I hope you get to see more birds at your next stop!

  3. Hi Dawn, stay south, the weather
    to the north of Florida is brutal.
    That's a nice bunch of Black-
    bellied Whistling Ducks. I think
    I see a Wood Stork standing there
    with the Roseate Spoonbills.
    Happy birding travels.
    Hap in New Hope (MN)

  4. Loved the pictures anyways... Sorry about your birds!
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  5. Kerri
    Thanks Dear Kerri, it was a lovely morning!

    Thanks Kathie..stay warm and stay safe! Hope you dont get much more snow!

    You sure dont miss a thing! Yes a cool Wood Stork..funny looking fella!

    Thanks! Seeing more birds now!


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