Thursday, February 03, 2011

Birding Merritt Island NWR

Howdee all,

While at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival

I skipped one of the classes I signed up for to spend the day birding with the gals.

Linda, Melanie and DonnaimageWe went to Merritt Island NWR

We started out on the Refuge drivemerrit island with gals_016Stopping on our way for a photo opt with a Great Egretmerrit island with gals_022merrit island with gals_023We drove to the beach…merrit island with gals_030And took a stroll…merrit island with gals_031Fisherman lined the beach…merrit island with gals_032Little Sanderlings chasing food…merrit island with gals_037Jelly fish..looked like beached UFOs merrit island with gals_050A Grackle hanging out at the beach…merrit island with gals_057merrit island with gals_058We then took Gater creek road to see what we could seemerrit island with gals_060We spied a Wood stork in the grass..merrit island with gals_066So, we stopped to get close up photos..merrit island with gals_065Roseate Spoonbills..merrit island with gals_074merrit island with gals_093A beautiful warm day in Florida…merrit island with gals_098Tropical paradise…merrit island with gals_103We spent at least a half hour watching this Osprey…

who didn’t seem to know how to adjust itself to eat the fish…merrit island with gals_112It finally flew away with its catch…merrit island with gals_137Our last stop for the day was the park behind the college where the festival took place…It was close to sunset….see the Vultures in the trees?merrit island with gals_142

Turkey and Black Vulturesmerrit island with gals_158A Great Egret takes on a Golden hue as the sun starts to set..merrit island with gals_146merrit island with gals_145White Ibis feeding in the evening light…merrit island with gals_163A sweet ending to a LOVELY day with friends merrit island with gals_167

Jeff and I are in Lake Worth now...Have a few birding outings lined up and lots of time will be spent with family here…

Hope you all stay toasty warm…Its 80 here today..and HOT! Almost a bit to hot for me..but I cant complain.. Sending you all a big package of warm…I hope it reaches you soon!


  1. Great tour!! And some wonderful close ups.Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Looks like a Great bird outing. Thanks for sending the warmth, it's suppose to arrive tomorrow. ;)

  3. How Fun! I am really looking forward to warmer weather :)

  4. What a glorious day! I'll be waiting for that package to arrive soon ; )

  5. A splendid day of birding for you all. Beautiful photographs! I'm especially taken with the Roseate Spoonbills. Gorgeous images of the Great Egret in the evening light. After the big blizzard we just experienced, it's nice to view some colorful photos from a much warmer place. Excellent post!

  6. Hooray Hooray and GREAT birding day! What wonderful pictures ☺
    Have fun & travel safe


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