Monday, February 07, 2011

Green Cay Wetlands with the Badbirdz

Howdee all,

I cant say enough about Green Cay Nature Center..

Green Cay Nature Center is the county's newest nature center that overlooks 100 acres of constructed wetland and provides educational opportunities about this unique habitat. The wetland features 1.5 miles of elevated boardwalk featuring interpretive signs about the habitat. The Nature Center includes a lecture hall, gift shop, and live animals in an extensive exhibit room that highlights wetland attributes. Come for a visit and find that there's something for everyone at this fantastic new facility!

I love this place! I could spend all day here…Granted its not in the wilds,it is an Oasis in a noisy sprawling developed area in Boynton Beach.

I love the Colors here..the green of the algae and Duck weed…Close up views of birds…Green Cay_036

This particular day we met up with Angel and Mariel Abreu of Badbirz-reloaded.Green Cay_046 (1)

Below is a bit about their website

Noel Wamer made us all “radar junkies”. Just because he’s off the official scene, doesn’t mean we can all up and quit cold-turkey. This blog is an attempt to keep the radar images coming, and to engage birders, scientists, and anyone else who is interested, in the study of migration using radar. Beginning in October 2008, Angel and Mariel Abreu joined the Badbirdz team as contributing authors, and as of Spring 2009 have become the primary authors and administrators of the site.  My other site,, tracks nocturnal migration over New Jersey, and was heavily influenced by Noel’s old website, ~David LaPuma

They could use your support..if you would like to donate to keep their website running go to this page.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Green Cay_068

Green Cay_137We had a wonderful time with Angel and Mariel, they are great naturalists and birders, who enjoy taking their time to study all things nature. They don’t rush around to see it all, they immerse themselves into what is happening at the moment.

Green Cay_037 I filled a 4gb card taking photos and videoGreen Cay_044So I wont be showing them all here…Green Cay_050Instead, I will, feature a few of the critters we saw in their own posts....

So..until then enjoy some of the highlights of the day..

Turtle stack!Jeffs photos Green Cay_004Moss covered Turtles…Green Cay_101A huge Alligator…Green Cay_150Some sort of wasp… Green Cay_071American Coot..Green Cay_064Common MoorhenGreen Cay_120Blue-winged TealGreen Cay_128Green HeronGreen Cay_175Sora…..we saw six of them!Green Cay_199Tri-colored Heron

Green Cay_342

Limpkin… Green Cay_360

White Ibis Green Cay_370Black-bellied Whistling Duck Green Cay_005Blue-headed VireoGreen Cay_154Pied-billed GrebeGreen Cay_066Painted BuntingJeffs photos Green Cay_021Glossy IbisGreen Cay_020 (1)A Lovely place…Green Cay_144

Stay tuned for more from Green Cay!Green Cay_045 (1)


  1. Love your images, Dawn. Looks like wonderful place with a teeming wildlife.

  2. This looks a Great place to go birding. You sure saw a wide variety. But I like the stacked turtles best.

  3. Great tour and photos,Dawn. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  4. Great series!!

    but it makes the snow outside my door look even deeper!

  5. Wonderful post Dawn! I want to visit!

  6. love the bird pics... keep them coming...

  7. Really great pics. I am particularly jealous of the sora and the painted bunting. Wow a painted bunting. There are so many that are on my "must see" list and a PB is at the top. Hope you are having a great winter. See you in a few months.

  8. Dawn,
    I'm glad to see that you came back to Green Cay. And it looks like you saw a few treats. Have you been to Okeeheelee to see all the Indigo Buntings and Painted Buntings at the feeder? I enjoyed some times there last week.

    Well if you're back at GCay, then drop me a line at the front desk. Most likely I'll be working.

  9. Hilke Breder
    Its a great place...a must see if you are in the area.

    hee hee..those stacked turtles were great,hope they were having fun.

    Thanks Gary and Boom...woof:)

    Harold Stiver
    Thanks! heres hoping your snow melts quickly!

    Thanks Kerri..come visit and get out of the cold:)

    Thanks..ok more to come!:)

    John (Tucker)
    Thanks John..I will pack up a few buntings for you :)

    Eva Matthews
    Sorry we missed you :*( Hope to get back there before we leave and say hello!

  10. If you think Green Cay or Wakodahatchee Wetlands are great places, you haven't seen anything until you go to Stormwater Treatment Area #5 (STA-5) in nearby Hendry County, south of Clewiston. You will be blown away and speechless. Trust me! Go here:

  11. Anonymous..
    Thanks for the info..we are heading north ..but will put that on our list for next visit..
    And who are you????


ok what do you really think?????