Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainy day at Gilbert Ray

Howee all,

We moved west side of Tucson, Gilbert Ray county park..very close to the Sonoran Desert museum..Yippee!

it rained most of the day today…

toward the evening we got this beautiful treat!

rainbow desert_022

It had just stopped raining..everything was gold and glistening..

rainbow desert_012

Can you see that it is a double rainbow?

rainbow desert_014 Its there…a double rainbow..rainbow desert_018

      The right side going into the mountain..I was too close to capture the entire rainbow…rainbow desert_019Soo…   I stitched the rainbow together..

rainbow  After the rainbow…i walked around taking photos

rainbow desert_024 Of the scenery around our new campground

rainbow desert_025

Sunlit mountains facing eastrainbow desert_036

and West..distant mountains

rainbow desert_028  The sun starts to set..rainbow desert_026   cactus silhouettesrainbow desert_031Our picnic table..rainbow desert_044 sunset and cactus…rainbow desert_046

Goodnight sun!rainbow desert_021


  1. Wonderful capture of the rainbows, Dawn!

  2. I love traveling with you! I am just soaking it in.... ;c) Thanks for the Tweet-out Dawn.

  3. Lovely photos Dawn

    wonderful contrast with the plants and sky/rainbow


  4. Those rainbows look so close! Lovely sky shots, as always!

  5. Good Morning Dawnie... GREAT photos and beautiful rainbow! You're in a great place for taking pictures... I especially love the last picture because it looks like the cactus is praising the sun. Have a great day & travel safe!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I bet in the back of your mind you were thinking..."That should keep Richard busy with captions for a while"

  7. Girl, you do find the BEST rainbows! If anyone ever finds that pot of gold at the end of it, surely it will be you and Jeff!

  8. The rainbow is excellent. It looks so close---did you get the pot of gold? Yes you did--the sunset. MB

  9. Love the rainbows, a double gift indeed, with a golden sunset at the end. I like the new capsite with a spectacular view.

  10. Looks like your new campsite pulled out all the stops to welcome you.

  11. Some great photographs there. Like your style, happy tripping.

  12. WOW! Mother Nature sure put on a magnificent show for you! Incredible scenery!

  13. How beautiful! That last photo is great. It look as though the cactus is praying to the setting sun.

  14. Howdee all,
    Thank you Thank you for your kind comments..
    Yes that last photo spoke to me as I took it..the cactus and the sunset..
    It really was a special night...golden glows..rainbows and cactus silhouettes.

    Thanks again for commenting..
    and in case I you dont know..I have great internet connection now..and can finally catch up with everyones blogs..
    Hope to visit u all soon!!


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