Saturday, February 06, 2010

Sonoran Desert Museum, Tucson AZ

Howdee all,

I love this Museum…

I am not a big Museum goer…Most museums bore me to tears…

Yea..guess I am lacking Cultcha..

There are only two other museums that I can remember off of the top of my head that I really enjoyed…that kept my attention for longer than an hour…

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and The Spam museum..

I would rather be outdoors…

This Museum..Is mostly outdoors…and it is Delightful!

We stayed for over five hours…..

Desert museum_001My favorite museum……….

The Sonoran Desert Museum

Set amongst a desert of Cactus..


Desert museum_114

   Yuccas..Century plants

Desert museum_115

They have added other types of cactus to the landscape.. beautifully done…

Desert museum_111

   This visit..we enjoyed two shows of Raptors in flight……

(photos to come next post) Desert museum_146

We walked around….. absorbing the scene…Desert museum_144Below, others touring the museum…reading signs and learning about the Cactus and wildlife…Desert museum_165

They do have animals at the museum..

But this day…I didn't focus on the animals…

Desert museum_172

I focused on other things……. Desert museum_147

Clouds…  Desert museum_150distant blue mountains views..…Desert museum_151Saguaro Cactus… Trees of the DesertDesert museum_155 Prickly Pears…many varieties here…

Desert museum_156

This day was …

A Cactus and Cloud day…

Desert museum_158 Doesn't this Cactus below look like it wants to give me a big hug?


Desert museum_163    More clouds and cactusDesert museum_160 A view from the visitor center looking out …

Desert museum_183The visitor center blends in nicely with the surroundings..

They have done an amazing job with design here at the Desert Museum..

We enjoyed every minute here…Desert museum_184We  will be camping close by next week…

we plan to visit the museum as many days as possible…

I ♥ The Sonoran Desert Museum! Desert museum_170

Did I mention we saw two Raptors in flight programs??

Photos next post…


  1. Your pictures are amazing. What a glorious day in the desert!

  2. Your landscaping photography is really outstanding! I love the photo of the "Yuccas" Century Plant.

  3. Dawn, beautiful shots from the museum. I lvoe the beautiful skies and the yucca plant. The tall cactus are wonderful too. Glad you had a great time there.

  4. Wow Dawn, this is an amazing living "museum". I love that Sonoran desert. Really miss seeing saguaros here. Awesome captures of this beautiful landscape. Also like the cougar shot. Look forward to more.

  5. I really enjoyed these Dawn. There is nothing like wide open spaces with saguarro's, desert wild life... I love the desert! I've been in Tucson a few times on my way to Tombstone but only stayed long enough to eat.

  6. One of my all time favorite places. Used to get there once a year (20 years ago). Went with the family on vacation 3 years ago. Still wonderful.

  7. The mountain lion photo is outstanding as are the others. We went to the museum last year--I love the hummingbird garden!

  8. Joe and I really loved this museum also. We spent the whole day there. They had to push us out because they were closing. Loved the blue mountain shot. I tried to capture that shot a few months ago, but I just don't have a good enough camera.

  9. ...beautiful, sunny, warm and green!!! What more can you ask for. Sounds like a great museum. I love all those cacti and that intensely blue sky. I've forgotten what a blue sky looks like...

  10. The desert museum is wonderful - were you there wor the raptor flight? Nice angles on the cacti

  11. Stunning scenery Dawn! Get captures all around!

    Don't be tempted by that cactus wanting to hug you... it's a trap!

  12. LOL! That's exactly what that cactus looks like! Maybe it's going for the small cactus in front of it. I think they're beautiful but I can just THINK of the prickles and get goose pimples on my arms.

    Maybe your program will tell how to discourage hawks from perching in our garden. I know birds gotta fly and hawks gotta eat, but preferably, not in my back yard!

  13. What an awesome cactus post!! I really liked the skies in a lot of your photos!!

  14. Beautiful, Dawn! I love clouds.

  15. Hey, I've been here too! It was 1986, my wife and I were driving across the country to a new life in California. Yes, I moved from Vermont to LA. Along the way, we stopped here to visit friends and we went to this wonderful place.

  16. Howdee all,

    Glad to see a few of you have already been here.. Both Steves have been to the Desert Museum..good memories I bet..

    @JOhn ..mainebirder..hee hee...I will try not to fall for the trap..

    Thank you all for commenting..I really do appreciate it..even though I have been pretty bad at getting back to you after you comment..
    50 lashes with a wet noodle for me..
    or maybe with a prickly pear..OUCH

  17. Just think, I don't think that museum was even there when I was in 1952? Or was it?

    You have some beautiful Arizona Highways photos on this post and I am especially thrilled to see the big cat.


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