Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mt Wassen hike, Tucson,AZ

Howdee all,

Last week, while still camped at Gilbert Ray, we hiked to the top of Mt. Wassen.

We started at the Kings Canyon Trailhead, which is on the right, just beyond the Sonoran Desert Museum.

Distance Round Trip
7 miles

Trailhead Elevation
2850 feet

Elevation Gain
1785 feet

Avg Time Round Trip
5 - 6 hours

Mt. Wassen hike_001

   We didn't intend to hike to the peak since we will be doing a sunset hike there this week.

So we started our hike thru the wash..listening for birds.Mt. Wassen hike_002


Wrens, Gila woodpeckers, Curve bill thrashers, Black throated sparrows were the predominate birds.

Mt. Wassen hike_003A spider web sparkling in the morning sun

Mt. Wassen hike_005

Hiking the wash..…Mt. Wassen hike_015Cactus nestled into a rock creviceMt. Wassen hike_016Saguaro Cactus forestMt. Wassen hike_017Barrel type Cactus growing out of Rock..

How the heck do they do that?Mt. Wassen hike_018As we approach this dryed up water fall area..we see small seeps of water..

where a lone Junco goes to sip..Mt. Wassen hike_023       We find Petroglyphs

Mt. Wassen hike_028Mt. Wassen hike_031

And this Jasmine scented plant in the same area.Mt. Wassen hike_032Mt. Wassen hike_034Another Cactus growing out of Petroglyph rockMt. Wassen hike_037A Costas hummingbird hangs out nearbyMt. Wassen hike_042     The view behind us…

Mt. Wassen hike_052

As we climb higherMt. Wassen hike_058And higher..Mt. Wassen hike_061

and finally in front of us the path looks as though its at a peak…maybe we will see Tucson views from there.Mt. Wassen hike_064And we do…

Tucson from the crest of the trailMt. Wassen hike_067   From here we decided to take a different trail back …and since it pasts the short trail to Wassen Peak.

We went to the Peak..

for more Tucson Views

Mt. Wassen hike_075And views to the WestMt. Wassen hike_076 We hike down another trail..Mt. Wassen hike_077passing lichen covered rock

We watch White throated swifts fly around us…Mt. Wassen hike_078As we take the trail back down…we see distant views of the Sonoran Desert museum.

And we dream of the Ice tea we will get there when we finish the hike..Mt. Wassen hike_086Another Barrel type cactus..growing on rock..

Mt. Wassen hike_085We see many Ladderback woodpeckers on this trail..

this ones head glistens in the afternoon sun..Mt. Wassen hike_099The final approach to the car..

and refreshments..Mt. Wassen hike_107Another beautiful Hike in Sonoran National Park West..Mt. Wassen hike_105


  1. Wow, I've really missed out not seeing this park. Great captures all, yet really like the sun-sparkled spider web and Costas.

    Enjoyed reading about your recent bird trip with Kathie.

  2. Great pictures, Dawn! Did you see Quartzsite from the peak??

  3. I love the area where you are currently staying - we had a delightful time there last Jan, but missed the costa's

  4. Such a wonderful hike!
    Thank you!I love seeing the birds.
    Ice and snow here.
    The Gold Finches are molting so Spring is just around the corner.

  5. ...this must have been 5-6 hours of heaven. I'd go wacky just for the petroglyphs, but when you add in all the beauty of everything else.....just gorgeous.

    ...love the PhD in the previous post! :-)

  6. Gaelyn
    You would love some of the hikes here Gaelyn!

    Rena and Ed
    Thanks Rena..I saw you and Ed lounging around in your shorts!

    Chris Petrak
    Isnt it lovely here? Sorry you missed the costas?

    So glad that spring is coming for you soon! I look forward to you spring photos!

    It was heaven..all of it..
    You would love taking pictures here!


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