Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Casa Grande Ruins, AZ… American Indian Music Fest

Howdee all,

Saturday Jeff and I went to the American Indian Music Fest at the Casa Grade Ruins National MonumentCAGR-Music_festival_NPS We had never been to this National Monument before…

It was fun to imagine what like might have been like in the early 1300s for the Native Americans here.

casa grande native american fest_004

casa grande native american fest_007

The buildings that remain give an idea of the layout…casa grande native american fest_005If you read the plaque above you see that is was just a small part of a community…

A Neighborhood….

There was some Traditional Dancing…..and a dance where they invited guests to dance along with them…I was one chosen to dance with the ladies…I don't have a photo because the camera came with me….it was fun…

casa grande native american fest_011I didn't do the basket dance…but a dance where we all held hands and danced in a grande native american fest_013 Jeff and I stayed for the evening performances…and the sunset..

which looked like flames at first…

casa grande native american fest_026And then turned a mellow pinkcasa grande native american fest_032

Setting over the monumentcasa grande native american fest_040and the stage…casa grande native american fest_035

casa grande native american fest_055

casa grande native american fest_045

A Ranger taking a photo ..I liked the silhouette

casa grande native american fest_057One of the performers…Jeff really liked his grande native american fest_061 Here's a Music Sampling…



  1. gorgeous pictures, and what a wonderful opportunity for you!
    I was so disappointed this summer. There was supposed to be a pow wow nearby, but it seems they could not raise enough money and had to cancel.

  2. Wow Dawnie as always GREAT photos... and I loved your sampling of native music... Very interesting! Hope I get by there when we are in NM. Have fun & travel safe!

  3. I feel like I was there. So peaceful looking. I surely love the west. The pictures were great. Enjoy.

  4. Dawn, how lovely! I have been here numerous times and counted birds. I have never been to this Dance Festival. It looks like so much fun and how colorful! Do you have an email address? I'd love to come take a hike with you in Catalina SP. Believe it or not, I have never hiked there!

  5. Seems like a nice spot, and with great scenery and birds. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love your sunset pictures. Sounds like you are having a blast.

  7. Very very cool!! Love the pics AND the music!!


    I like the picture of the forest ranger photographer, too.

  9. The sky was beautiful when you were there. I bet Casa Grande was tons of fun!

  10. Beautiful pictures, Dawn! We are going to Arizona (southeast) to go birding in April. Cannot wait, since we are living through the Snowpocalypse here in Maryland right now.

    Check out the white stuff at !!

    Warren and Lisa

  11. Howdee all,
    Thanks muchly for your kind comments about the Native American music fest..
    Now that I have great internet..I hope to be visiting your blogs soon!
    Thanks for stopping by..I do appreciate it..even though ..I am sooo behind in thanking you.


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