Monday, February 15, 2010

Birding with Kathie from Sycamore Canyon

Howdee all,

Last week while still at Catalina State park..

Jeff and I had the pleasure of birding with Kathie…from Sycamore Canyon Blog.

Kathie has contagious enthusiasm and a great knowledge of birds..Catalina and birding with Kathie_056

   And a fantastic blog…

  You must go to her blog and read her account of the day..Catalina and birding with Kathie_044

Do you see Kathie's lens on her camera?

She can get awesome close ups of birds..

Catalina and birding with Kathie_050

This one is ok from my big Canon..non DSLR.. not the same quality Catalina and birding with Kathie_046

So you must go see her Birdie photos..

oh..and yours truly and Jeff are in photos too…Catalina and birding with Kathie_039I had a very hard time chasing the birds to get photos..

So..hee hee..I found a few birds at the feeders on our way back..


Catalina and birding with Kathie_019Green tailed towhee..fuzzy wuzzy..Catalina and birding with Kathie_015Canyon Towhee…Catalina and birding with Kathie_012Anyway…you must go to Kathie's blog and see the list of birds for the day..

She is very detail oriented….which is something i am not…

She uses ebird…after each bird outing..which is something we should all do…me I am hoping a bit of her attention to detail has rubbed of on me..

So far it hasn't…I am still lazy when it comes to counting the birds…

I think we need another bird outing together Kathie..what ya say?


  1. Isn't Kathie a delight? I wiash I could have been there with you.

  2. What a fun opportunity to bird with Kathie. I usually feel like I've been along on her birding trips. Better in live. Her post was great also.

  3. Great day of birding and some neat birds, - love the Pyrrhuloxia


  4. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    yes she is!!!

    oh wish you could bird with us too!!!

    Thanks Dan..they are cool birds arent they?

  5. It sounds like you had a great time with Kathie. It's so nice to spend time with people who have the same interests and get their perspective as well..

  6. DAwn, you are too sweet! How did I miss this? I found the link on John's blog from Birding in Maine! Now I am off to bed. I am about to fall asleep at the computer!


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