Thursday, February 18, 2010

Saguaro Love…

Howdee all.

I love these Desert Trees…

All so unique…

Gilbert ray camp_010

    They don't provide shade Gilbert ray camp_014

They do provide homes..for woodpeckers and other birds

Gilbert ray camp_012

And…well..I just have some Saguaro Love…Gilbert ray camp_042I have fun imagining…

what they are saying…doing..who they might be…Gilbert ray camp_047  We saw a video at Saguaro National Park Gilbert ray camp_044Some native Americans felt the Saguaros were their dead ancestors.. Gilbert ray camp_016

Some of the Bark of the older ones have scars and different colorsDesert museum_502

    I imagine the Saguaro to be people…animals…etc..I have saved a few photos…Desert museum_536 To show you what I mean…but ..not in this post…Desert museum_533 I will just show how awesome they are in the landscape…Desert museum_520 A Forest of SaguaroDesert museum_522 This is our backyard at Gilbert Ray Campground…Gilbert ray camp_048

Evening among the Saguaro…

Cocktail hour with friends…Gilbert ray camp_064

As we say goodnight…

Desert museum_539To the Saguaro… Gilbert ray camp_061

Gilbert ray camp_063


  1. Dawn I'm so jealous it isn't funny! Cocktails in that setting? Amazing!

    Do you know how old some of the Saguaro's are?

  2. Btw, your blog is loading much faster with Google Chrome. It still takes a bit for all the widgets but it's definitely faster than IE.

  3. Wonderful photos, can imagine sitting there watching the sunset


  4. I sure do love and miss the saguaro forest, I'm too high in elevation. The first winter I spent amongst these cactus people of the desert I was constantly astounded by their various characters. THey do seem to speak. What do you think of the spines seen in the skeleton's of the dead ones? Looks t be a beautiful place to camp. Do I see a bit of red on the tips of the ocotillo?

  5. Great sunset pictures with the saguaro.

  6. My husband and I are envying your lifestyle!! Beautiful pics of the giant Cactus!

  7. What a life! Great pictures!!

  8. A New England Life
    Yes..cocktails in the desert..and remember..I invited you as a guest on my sofa!
    and google chrome messed up on my computer..i had to uninstall it..anyway..firefox i load up faster than IE.

    I will tell you what I told Sharon..We have a sofa bed here if you want to see what the desert is all about..

    Howdee Gaelyn..isnt it so cool here?
    The occotillo is blooming now..not all of them but many!

    Thanks Diane!

    Cindy..just sell everything and go on the road..we will show you how to do it!

    Thanks Kerri!

    Thanks sicksta..we are very lucky that is for sure!!


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