Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweetwater Wetlands, Tucson

Howdee all,

A few days ago Jeff and I decided to check out the water treatment plant..in Tucson.

Sweetwater Wetlands..

We have been doing some birding around Tucson…we see birds..but..Wow..

this place was hoppin with birds…

Upon entering the area there is the little waterway below…

There were birds flying all around the area ….

sweetwater wetlands_006We were excited..

Black Pheobesweetwater wetlands_004 The areas we have been birding were much slower

sweetwater wetlands_007

Because of year round water here…More birds…

Orange crowned warblersweetwater wetlands_012 The water was still and reflective…

sweetwater wetlands_035

So i had fun playing around with the reflections..sweetwater wetlands_062 Verdin..notice the orangey bit on the wing

sweetwater wetlands_041Cinnamon Tealsweetwater wetlands_044Here's my fun with Reflections…sweetwater wetlands_065

sweetwater wetlands_066

sweetwater wetlands_069I love this one….with the cool swirls of color… 

Northern Shovelersweetwater wetlands_071Common moorhen sweetwater wetlands_096

We weren't here long, as we had other commitments..sweetwater wetlands_101We enjoyed every minute here..

American Coot..sweetwater wetlands_111 This bridge leads to a viewing area…

sweetwater wetlands_113Pie-billed Grebesweetwater wetlands_115Black throated Gray Warbler..a real treat!sweetwater wetlands_132 Ducks flying in the distance…

sweetwater wetlands_177

Harris Hawk..one of two we saw here..sweetwater wetlands_182Eurasian collared dovesweetwater wetlands_183Least Sandpipersweetwater wetlands_198Yellow Warblersweetwater wetlands_194

Yellow warbler…off catching bugs…sweetwater wetlands_195

We will be back…and spend more time…

Great Place to Bird


  1. What a great place to bird. Absolutely love all the reflections. Excellent captures Dawn.

  2. Great pictures, Dawn. As always...! The waste water plant is one of our first stops in just 2 short months!


  3. Wow, Dawn! You guys had a great birding day! Very beautiful photography! Wonderful bird captures!

  4. Hey Dawn, it's been ages since I dropped by here! I love those reflection pictures, very strange... the clarity of the reflections is amazing! I saw a couple of shovellers on our local park pond - never seen them there before, not sure if they are the same as the ones you get but they look identical to my eye. It's so interesting comparing what you got to what we have in the UK :)

  5. Hi Dawn. What a great location. I'm a fan of reflections and you provided a host of shots to make me happy. FAB.

  6. Great reflection water shots. Enjoyed them as well as the water and nature background shots!

  7. Aw Dawn, what a great day you had. Those Cinnamon Teal were gorgeous. Sure looks nice to see unfrozen water!

  8. Wow! what a nice variety of birds! I love the reflective images also. Wonderful pics, Dawn.

  9. Super shots! Love the reflections!!

  10. great shots - looks like a great spot to bird Dawn


  11. What a beautiful place with lots of purdy birds. That camera is awesome!

  12. Gaelyn
    Thanks..its a great birdie place..if you werent going to africa soon..i would suggest you come bird with us there..have a great time in Africa!!

    Warren and Lisa Strobel
    Great place to start birding! Let me know if you need any other suggestions.

    Thanks Cindy..I must get back to chirptracker..I know you are on there allot..

    Thanks for stopping by again..
    and thanks for the nice compliments!

    Thanks Andy..Bet you would have had some awesome shots here!

    The Early Birder
    Glad you enjoyed the reflections..and i love it when u say FaB..

    Thanks Diane! Isnt Arizona awesome?

    Thanks Ruthie..You all sure have had a cold winter...sending some warm air your way.

    Thanks Cindy..glad you enjoyed those shots..I bet you would have had fun taking pictures here too..

    Thanks so much Kerri1

    Thanks Dan..you would love to bird here!

    Thanks Sicksta..think I used my big camera for those pictures.

  13. It seems to be a healthy place for different natural creations - birds, animals, plants and so on


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