Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sonoran Desert Museum, Birds, Animals

Howdee all,

Jeff and I have spent allot of time at the Desert Museum lately.

And I take way to many photos..

Here are a few of the many..

Cactus wrenDesert museum_015 Cardinal…much brighter that the east coast cardinal

Desert museum_511

Someone told us once that the Cardinal was a PHD bird…because it was Brilliant..

yes it is…Desert museum_516Female Cardinal…much buffier in color than the east coast birdDesert museum_018   Curve bill thrasherDesert museum_074 Curve Bill Thrasher

Desert museum_084Cactus Wren making a nest Desert museum_323

People waiting for Raptor in flight eventDesert museum_092

Featuring this Great Horned Owl

Desert museum_102

I love this Owl…Desert museum_116

Very photogenic Desert museum_226    RoadrunnerDesert museum_140  awesome Harris Hawk..Desert museum_162

And The rugged  Ferruginous HawkDesert museum_185

Desert museum_195

The do have Coyotes there

Desert museum_061

And Bear

Desert museum_287Turkey Desert museum_282

And many other Animals..whose photos I will probably get in the future..


Jeff and I enjoy going into the Hummingbird Aviary

Desert museum_334To see the hummers fly over our heads…Desert museum_355 Rufus Desert museum_376 Broad billed Desert museum_363

This Barn Owl is usually greeting guests at the entrance… sweetwater wetlands_002

If you go to Arizona..this is a must see place….

My favorite museum!


  1. When I win the lotto I am using your blog as map to ALL the places I will visit. And in in your honor I will take way too many photos too :){Oh I already do that he he} Always enjoy your posts and pics. I have yet to see a curved-billed thrasher. I of course love the Great Horned shots.

  2. This sure is a great museum. Love the Barn Owl. And that coyote looks to be giving you the eye. You actually got that close to a bear? Oh My!

  3. I am sure hoping the road takes me here very soon... I love your photos (as always) and you can never take to many as far as I am concerned... Have fun & travel safe!

  4. Ugh! I can't sleep tonight but on a good note I got to see your gorgeous pictures on your blog.. Love the beautiful bird shots you got. How close were you?

  5. I love the Desert Museum and you have taken some outstanding photos. The rufus looks like a baby. Looks like a great trip to Tucson.

  6. I agree, it is a must stop and enjoy. When we were there, we didn't see the owl. He is so cool!

  7. Oh Dawn, what a great place! I hope I can visit there someday. Thanks for sharing all these photos.

  8. I love the Desert Museum! When we were there (some years ago) the hummingbird aviary was closed. But we saw - and loved - all the rest of it.

  9. What a great series of bird photos! I especially love the profile of the owl!!

  10. Looks like fun! I need to go back! Lovely shot of the owl there! Well, my Cienega Creek story should post in about 15 minutes. We will see if it works!

  11. This place looks way cool! Love the pictures, especially of the humming birds

  12. Debbie Miller @HooootOwl
    Oh hee hee..we both love to take lots of photos..Well instead of using my blog..just follow us around a bit..

    Its a great museum...
    Wasnt that close to the zoom made it look closer..

    So where are you coming to Tucson?

    Howdee Sicksta..sorry you couldnt sleep well that night..
    We were quite close to the birds..makes it easy to get good shots!

    Appalachian Lady
    Yeah..isnt it one of the best museums?
    I am not sure the age of the rufus..could be immature..

    oh you missed the cute owl..bummer...he is so sweet..

    You should come and would love it..make it a side trip after visiting your brother..

    Oh darn..the hummingbird aviary was closed..well a good reason to come back and visit soon!

    Thanks Eve..I love the profile picture too!

    Thanks Kathie..I am way behind in replying to all my comments..trying to catch up now.

    I know you and your camera would love it here!!


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