Friday, January 13, 2012

Do You want to be on my Blogroll?

Howdee all,

My blogroll is getting old and outdated…I haven't been adding all the new blogs that I read. So~I am going to try something.

If you see that you are not on my blogroll and want to be added to it and you fit in one of the categories I have..


Comment below with your Blog URL and the state that you are from.





Julie G. said...

Hi Dawn! I would love to be on your blogroll under either Midwest Birdies or Nature Blogroll. I live in Illinois.

Blog name - Nature's Splendor
Blog URL -

Thank you kindly! It's always a pleasure to visit your wonderful blog!

Robert Mortensen said...

Looks like you have BirdingIsFun under DelMarVa as I almost went there. Do we qualify for Big Bird Blog now?

dAwN said...

Done! Should have had you on my Blogroll ages ago..that shows you how LAZY I have been. :)

Done! You Most definitely qualify for the Big Bird Blog!! :)

Pat Bumstead said...

Ummm. I seem to be missing under the Canada list.

Nature in the Burbs said...

Hello! Thanks for asking for new blogs to put on your blogroll. I'm from New Jersey and my blog fits under the nature blogroll category.

Vinnie said...

I would be honored to make your blog roll.
Connecticut is my home state.

Jim and Gayle said...

RV Blogroll

Life's Little Adventures


Thanks, Dawn

ramblingwoods said...

Thank you for having me on your blog roll Dawn....Michelle

dAwN said...

This is great~ You all are a big help in getting my Blogroll up to speed!

Pat Bumstead~
Done! yeah, my blogroll was very outdated ..You are now added. :)

Nature in the Burbs
Done! Happy to have you.

Happy to have you on my blogroll!

Jim and Gayle~
Done! Glad to have you both included!

Always a pleasure to see your blog :)

Gaelyn said...

Good idea to update the blogroll. But I've been very stingy with the bytes this month and use the phone more which drives me crazy. I can barely type on the qwerty.
Thanks for including me.

prairiebirder said...

Hi Dawn, I would love if you could add my blog to your blogroll. My blog would be in the Canadian list.

Kathiesbirds said...

Hey Dawn, I saw sycamore Canyon but did not see Kathie's Birds in there anywhere! Also, do you think Kathie's Poet Tree would fit in yor Artsy/ crafty blogroll? Just askin'! Love ya!

eileeninmd said...

Hi Dawn, I would love if you could included my blog.

Thanks, Eileen in Maryland.

Jerry said...

Please, please, please!

Jerry's Birding/Digiscoping Blog


Steve Borichevsky said...

Yup, just leave me where I am!

Robin Clifton said...

I'd love to be added ...probably nature


~ Robin

dAwN said...

Thanks you all! great to have you help me update my blogroll..
I do have you all on my Google reader.

Done! Thanks

Done and Done! Told ya I my blogroll was out of date...hee hee

You were already there... :)

You were already there too...;)

Steve Borichevsky
Will not move you..hee hee..unless you move..then you will have to tell me to move your blog because I am lazy about updating it.. :)

Beth in NYC said...

Hey Dawn, I haven't updated my blog in a long time but am working on a post now. If you're ok adding a stale blog to your roll, that would be great!

donna lynn said...

Hi Dawn,

I have actually been publishing on my blog, Queensgirl! So, please add me to the NY/NJ/PA listing:

Hope to see you soon, somehow -

Donna S.

Pedro Lourenço said...

It's up to you to decide if it is relevant, but I would love to have my "Birds of the World" on one of your lists!


Lee Smith said...

Charleston, SC

Stay tuned for a Blue Heron painting using Dawn's photo as a reference. The final touches are being made as we speak. :P

Tim Schreckengost said...


We would love to be on your NY, NJ, PA Birdies blogroll!

We are birders from Pennsylvania
Our site is:


I will be adding your site to our blogroll as well!

dAwN said...

Thanks everyone..this is going great..Happy to have all the adds!

Beth in NYC
Done! Now you need to blog more! :)

donna lynn
Got cha! thanks!

Pedro Lourenço

Lee Smith
Added under artsy photo? Cant wait to see...

Tim Schreckengost
Done..Happy to add you!

Linda Rockwell said...

Linda Rockwell

Birdie Links:

Nature links:

Gene said...

I would really like to be on your blogroll. I live in Maine. My blog is Bird watching Basics.

Tink said...

You better keep me!!! hee hee hee

Harold Stiver said...

Love to be Dawn!!

Nature Notes

I'll return the favor!

Mark Wilkinson said...

Hi Dawn,

I'd love for The Badgers Eye to stay on your blogroll.
The URL is
I'm based in Hertfordshire, England.

Not sure why it doesn't update with my new blog posts. I've seen this before elsewhere but have never gotten to the benefit.

Love your blog and all your adventures.
Best wishes

dAwN said...

Thanks everyone for helping me get my blogroll updated!

Linda Rockwell
Done and Done! thanks Rocky!

Done! Happy to have you here.


Harold Stiver
Done..put you in Nature :)

Mark Wilkinson
Odd that it wasn't updating...Normally when I add someone to the blogroll I just add their Url..For you it didn't update and not sure why. Maybe you don't have a feed associated with your blog like feedburner. Anyway...what I did was to click on your RSS button and got a feed url for your blog instead...check it out..its working now! :)

Peter Fearon said...

Hi Dawn,

I'd be honoured if you could add my blogs to your list:

Scouse Ringer

South-west Lancashire Ringing Group

Rimrose Ringers

Keep up the great work!!

Scouse Ringer!

David N. said...

Hi Dawn!

I would love to be on your blogroll - I live in Rome, Italy but am of South African nationality ...... I presume you need residence!

Blog name - Blogging hell

Mostly nature based and primarily birds.

All the best


Dave said...

Wow! You sure have a lot of links here!
Hi Dawn and Jeffy!

John's Island said...

Hi Dawn, Wow, I would love to be on your blogroll but I am not sure I'm qualified as that much of a serious birder. I am so appreciative of your mentions of my blog on Twitter and your kind comments on the blog itself. How about a new category: variety? :-) All the best to you and yours, and thanks again! John

dAwN said...

Peter Fearon~
Welcome aboard! Happy to have your blogs on my blogroll

David N.
Welcome~Happy to have your blog on my blogroll!

Howdee You! We sure do have lots of links..I have link love!

John's Island
Howdee John..happy to have you on my blogroll...I put you under have many nature type post!

Thanks everyone for helping me update my blogroll!!

NewMexiKen said...

Hi, Dawn--

I divide my time between Florida and Illinois (guess where I am this time of year!). However, Florida is my legal residence.


Not sure whether this is relevant, but I mange a couple of forums. The SANDIA CREST BIRDING FORUM is most active during the winter, when all three species of rosy-finches visit the feeders at Crest House:



SRM said...

Hi Dawn,I am on your fb page--Birders who blog,tweet and chirp. I would like to be on your blog roll for CO,MT,ID,UT.

BTW-when do you have time to do all this blog and fb stuff?

SeEtta Moss

dAwN said...

Done! :) Added your link to Florida and Illinois. Also the Sandia forum to NM. Happy to have you on board!

Done! Happy to have you on board.

Gail said...

Thanks Dawn!

Would love to be on your blogroll.

Winston-Salem, NC

: )

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