Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Two great Days, Biking, Outriggers and FOOD

Howdy all,

Two great days, two different activities with the end result being Good Food....
Yesterday Geno, Jeff and I rode and birded to Noi's Thai restaurant.
Met the rest of the gang there. Went to a local farmers market and then to Copa de Oro coffee shop.

Today we rented a few outriggers , from Orchid Outriggers and went with Marc, our guide, on a tour of the bay...to look at birds. Then off to Bayside Cafe for lunch.
Two nice days...Good Food

below i am using two different ways for you to get to my webshots photos..the one thumbnail takes you directly to the webshots photo album....the other is a slide show.....let me know which you like better....I can always use them both.

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by dawnjeffprodigynet

elfin forest, tide pools, Valencia peak, bikeride,outrigger


  1. What a nice sista to remember to tape the food. That is my favorite part, and the food looked very yummy!!! I like the trips you took, it was fun taking them with you!

  2. Well that was really neat. I loved taking the kayak ride with you. It was so peaceful. The food looked so good, though I would not be able to eat any of it at this point. Love Chicky

  3. Have to say you have really been honing your skills here. Andy Narell did an amazing job with scoring that first film..kudos to him. Outrigger trip started out peaceful and ended up fun..I was grooving to that last tune. Loved how you worked the end titles. All and all your best work.


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