Thursday, January 11, 2007

Morro Dunes, CA

Howdy all,

Haven't blogged for quite a while. We have had a very sick nobbiecat and I just couldn't get my Christmas and New years videos and pictures together to post. Just too overwhelmed and upset. I will get them together at a later date. Nobbie seems to be getting better, has a funny voice, but eating well and wanting to go outside for walks as usual. I am still keeping a close watch on him. So rather than getting way behind, I will try to show where we are now and what we are doing.
We are now in Morro Bay at Morro Dunes Rv park.

We arrived on Monday. The weather was windy when we arrived, then turned nice and warm in the 70s...but we are now have a cool it will be in the mid fifties for a few days before getting warmer.

We can walk out of Homey and to the beach, I have been told we can walk nine miles of beach to the north of us. Jeff and I had a nice two and a half hour walk on the beach yesterday. I collected more sand dollars...these are smaller than the ones i collected on the east coast. Anyone want them? I don't know whether to keep them or not. I also collected some cute little shells. Nothing big like in Florida. But some sweet ones. I was thinking of making something out of them. When our friends Geno and Patti arrived yesterday she said she is decorating bird houses with maybe I will do that.

Our Friends Dick and Judy arrived a few days ago, they will be joining us for the Bird Festival here. That is what brought us to this area, Geno and Patti told us about this festival and here we are. Very pretty area. I will post pictures in a bit.

I really haven't been online much as you know, mom and Adele, we've been socializing.
I think the schedule might change and we will have some free nights and I will join you all online in the evening. That might happen after the Bird Festival, which starts tomorrow and ends Monday night.
I am also online in the Morning.

More to come...bird festival videos and pics....

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  1. Glad to her the nob is doing better. Also nice to read of your new addition. If you had got a Mac there wouldn't be any booklets and manuals...hahaha
    Looks like a nice place you are staying at. I will check out the link.
    Love, me


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