Thursday, January 18, 2007

Halter Ranch Winery

Howdy all,

The Video below was a tour of Halter Ranch Winery and Birdwatching at the winery. I went on this tour with Geno and Patti, Jeff was off with Dick and Judy and another tour on
Estero bluffs. It was a very very cold morning for us all. It eventually warmed up nicely and the wine was a great finish to our tour.

The birdfest ended on Monday....We are now hanging out...doing some birding...touring areas nearby.
This is truely a wonderful area, I am sure Jeff and I will want to come back in the future...Hopefully to warmer weather.

Here is a link to my new pictures on Webshots


  1. Too bad it is still cold over there. We have a little cold snap ourselves. Which wine did you like the best?

  2. I liked the Ranch red
    which was the cheapest wine...and at 18 that was more than i spend on wine...but i bought one anyway...

  3. Nice video. Really enjoyed that first song. I thought it might have been Jolie Holland again but you say it is Keren Ann. I think I got that right.


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